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September 24 in history:

On September 24th, 1789, President George Washington signed the Judiciary Act, creating the U.S. Supreme Court and the office of Attorney General. 95 more words

Today In History

RED ALERT: Supreme Court Judge Vows to Fight Nationalism

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hailed herself as “a flaming feminist litigator” as she vowed to take on the majority-conservative Supreme Court as it returns next month to tackle controversial issues such as gay civil rights, President Donald Trump’s travel ban and partisan gerrymandering. 54 more words

U.S. News

Huffington Post: North Korea's Whore

The moronically, chronically unfunny Huffington Post generates the majority of its revenue from its regular debasement of journalism through ad hominem attacks on anyone educated or white. 347 more words

Modern Nonsense

Nothing like you thought...


Washington, a place that claims Cessna Pilot’s flew commercial jets…
A city of criminals that made true patriotism illegal with a criminal act…
And they claim sarcasm has no place in political discourse, yet really…
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The Treason Of Arnold

On this day, 21 September 1780…..Benedict Arnold gave up the plans to Wset point to Brit agent, John Andre…..

Most Americans know all about the treason of Benedict Arnold…one of those stories that we are taught in school from the very beginning….it is suppose to teach us a lesson about loyalty and patriotism. 248 more words


Writing Prompts and Death scenes

Ahh my muse is going again after the miserable sinus issues I had! Today’s scene for my WIP ‘A Royal’s Undoing’ incorporated the prompts from Liza Kane’s #28stories28days challenge I’ve been doing but I will not be sharing them publicly as it is a very important turning point for the book and I don’t want to give that away. 278 more words


That old man, he played one...

That old man, he played one
Age-13-years he-screwed my-bum
With a knick knack paddy-wack doggie had-a-bone
That old man came rolling home

That old man, he played two… 1,824 more words