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Kushner the Russian "backdoor man"?

Jared Kushner has evidently failed to produce documents to lawmakers that they say “are known to exist” about a “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite” and communications with a Belarusian-American businessman named Sergei Millian. 739 more words


How Trump is Bankrupting the USA with his Foreign Bank Accounts

When Trump prevailed in the election he rigged with Russian helpers, he was as shocked as everyone else. We all could see that in his acceptance speech and demeanor. 945 more words


‘An Open Secret’: Saudi Arabia and ’Israel’ Get Cozy

16-11-2017 | 11:13

Vivian Salama 

In the Middle East, your enemy’s enemy is your friend.

For ‘Israel’, Saudi Arabia’s growing willingness to confront Iranian influence in the Middle East presents an opening for an awkward alliance. 1,091 more words

Zionist Entity

So how will she escape, magic?

Morally bankrupt magic? ~ It was in the early 1970’s that I’d first suggested a 100% amnesty for treason was the only hope America had of ever seeing truth, or sanity, in it’s political or religious life ever again ~ That was to Don Rumsfeld in person, tho, liars lie, so maybe he’ll deny it, with no sarcasm at all I’d suggested a… 6,946 more words


They All Must Resign

There are often second and third acts for the disgraced in the USA but all these sexual predators must be hounded from public and private office and shunned by society. 155 more words