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Jared Kushner the Subject of Investigation as I Reported

I predict that when all the investigations are over involving Trump; the 2016 election, and Russian oligarchs, the entire Trump clan will be exposed. Trump, his spawn; Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric will all have been convicted of collusion either directly or by maintaining secrecy. 349 more words

Russian fake-news story about AG Lynch may have gotten Trump elected, gag!

A secret document that officials say played a key role in then-FBI Director James B. Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation has long been viewed within the FBI as unreliable and possibly a fake, according to people familiar with its contents. 1,885 more words


The Treason Trial Of The Century

You would think with all the drama going around Washington these days I would be writing about the possibility of a trial of Trump for treason. 323 more words


Hate! Terrorism! Treason!

By Eric Thomson (2002)

Orwell observed that “who defines controls”. The ZOG and the jewsmedia are prating the above words, and the Goy sheeple are repeating them thoughtlessly, just as our Zionist rulers have learned to anticipate. 705 more words


​This “boy” – because he is no man – will be the downfall of the Canada as we know it and he will be responsible for the deaths of innocent Canadians by letting the enemy walk freely amongst us. 496 more words