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I’m lucky few...

Sudah hampir full dua hari tidak ada pembahasan soal pekerjaan atau topik mengenai apa yang harus kami kerjakan di tahun 2018… sebetulnya kurang lebihnya kami sudah tahu apa yang akan kami lalui bersama sama tahun ini, tapi malam itu, ditemani lilin lilin kecil, potongan – potongan steak + escargot + salad + canda tawa dan guyonan – guyonan ala kami sehari – hari, Ibu kami mengangkat gelas lalu berkata begini “Cheeerrssss anak anak, 2018 yaaaaa…. 298 more words

Treasure Chest

Water Highs

Treasure is where you find it.

Nina or Pinta or Santa Maria?

Old as Columbian Exposition? Gramma’s jewelry box mystery.

What is a Treasure Chest Grown Diamond?

Treasure Chest Grown – A New Choice in Diamonds

Treasure Chest Grown diamonds are physically, chemically, and optically identical to their mined counterparts. The only difference is origin. 227 more words

What is a Treasure Chest Diamond?

Treasure Chest Diamonds are the pride and passion of Michaels Jewelers, but what exactly makes a Treasure Chest Diamond so unique and special? For those who have done a little research on diamond buying, you will know that cut determines 60% of the value of the diamond and 100% of the sparkle. 557 more words


Mystery Prize

One of the hottest trends in the toy industry this decade has been mini-figure collectibles.  Just as previous generations have wasted hard earned money chasing down baseball cards, Beanie Babies and Matchbox cars of dubious value… the trendy millennial hoarder is after small, sometimes microscopically tiny figurines that are so supercute (Yes, I think that is now officially a real word since “kawaii” is apparently too clunky for corporate advertising), you’ll need to inject yourself with insulin upon opening the package.  775 more words


Once Upon a Starry Night

Merry Christmas, Forrest and Fennsters!

A sparkly little treasure in a Tiffany window display.

(Did Forrest ever enjoy ice fishing? Somehow I think not so much.)

Here's This Month's Great Comic Book Cover

This month’s great comic book cover comes from the religious Treasure Chest series (volume 1, number 5 – August 18, 1966). I haven’t read this comic, but I thinking it’s a safe bet that, since in was published in 1966, it’s not going to have a very sympathetic view toward the Native peoples who were fighting for their land and way of life. 248 more words

Comic Book Art