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Vacation Highlights

Overall, we had a lovely time on our last vacation. We left Thurs. Sept. 7th and got back Friday Sept. 15th. We stayed at the Rustic Barn RV Park in Kieler, WI. 1,757 more words

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How To Find More Gold Rings

Believe it or not, when a detectorist continues to consistently find gold rings it isn’t luck, not by a long shot. In reality these detectorist have learned how to target these items and they have full understanding of the elements involved in their pursuit, and, they are also very dedicated to that pursuit. 939 more words

Copper Clues, Rubber Stamps, and Fancy Pants Treasure

In 1947 in the West Bank, not far from the site of the ancient city of Jericho, some teenage shepherds made an exciting discovery while tending their flocks and maybe also behaving a little like teenagers. 831 more words


Stone collection: I

Sir Terry Pratchett wrote about the bonsai mountain, but they seem to require a great deal of time to cultivate.  But there are similar things that have caught my attention over the years, namely  122 more words


Treasure hunting

A metal detectorist on Heysham beach gets ready to begin a new sweep of the shingle, just in the hope of striking it lucky and discovering a medieval golden trinket instead of another flattened Coke can… 31 more words

The Plain Weird

Detectival UK Rally 2017

Detectival UK Rally 2017

On 1000 acres of NEW land at a brand new undetected site.

The site of the Detectival 2017 is located close to the Medieval Market towns of Burford & Charlbury on the Edge of the beautiful and historic Cotswolds. 83 more words

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Game Review: "Archaeology: The New Expedition"

Playing board games is a popular pastime and a great way for people to reconnect with their friends, whether you’re at home or in the field! 920 more words