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Finding Escobars Millions (Discover)

Finding Escobars Millions (Discover) – Premieres 3rd November

After being given permission by the Colombian government, two for former CIA Operatives are given 45 days to try and hunt down and find the locations where Pablo Escobar had buried parts of his fortune kept in cash, gold and jewellery. 163 more words

2017 Review

The Beale Papers - A New Theory That Might Just Be Accurate?

Ah, Thomas J. Beale, who was he, where was he, and did he ever actually exist? It’s a mystery that researchers have been trying to figure out ever since the Beale Papers were published, unfortunately however, with little success. 1,853 more words

Treasure Hunting

3.14 - Unnatural Chill

The crack of falling stone echoed through the cave and Einarr flinched from the noise, reflexively covering his ears. His men did, as well.

As the sound died down and the ringing in their ears subsided, it became plain that their ears were not the only thing wounded in the onslaught. 937 more words

Einarr Stiganderson

Estate sale finds.

A couple of weeks ago I went to an estate sale in St Louis and found some great stuff.  When I go to a sale I am usually looking for papers of all kinds to use in my art journaling, these can include old books, postcards, flash cards or recipe cards to name a few.   475 more words


Curse of Oak Island: Season 5, Starting Gun

DATELINE: On the Money

Our cruel skepticism has been dumped on its head into the Nova Scotian Bay of Fundy. The Curse of Oak Island… 278 more words

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Treasure Tales - What Is Real?

Good lord, all one has to do is to jump online and conduct a basic search, the number of treasure tales being too vast to even fathom. 1,135 more words

Metal Detecting

3.12 - Vanishing

The first thing that caught Einarr’s attention about the cave was the scattering of skulls not five paces in. Someone had thought to take shelter here, long ago, and been eaten by kalalintu. 1,061 more words

Einarr Stiganderson