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Nodding Onion in Bloom

The natural history treasure of the month is the nodding onion (allium cernuum). You can see its long grass-like leaves topped by nodding umbels of pink flowers currently in bloom in our ethnobotanical garden. 133 more words

First Nations

Woodworking Tools: The Hand Maul

As we prepare to create a new display of First Nations history on the island this summer, our treasure of the month for June is a tool traditionally used by the first peoples: the hand maul.  156 more words


The Hayward Heron

Our featured Treasure of the Month for May is a Great Blue Heron (Ardea Herodias):   A grey-blue bird with black plume on his head who stands tall near the herring life-cycle display. 139 more words


Tiny Owl, Big Character

The Northern Saw-whet owl at the Natural History Centre was found by Sophie Courteau in the winter of 1995/96. He is a tiny owl with plenty of attitude: Saw-whet’s measure about 20 cm long with a short tail, large head, bright yellow eyes, dark bill, and reddish plumage with a white streaked front. 129 more words


The Mighty Mosasaur

Each month this blog will be featuring a natural “treasure of the month”. The featured object for March is a mosasaur fossil that was found on Hornby Island. 296 more words


October Treasure of the Month: Monte Santo & Pruzan

This month’s treasure comes from Special Collections and FIT Archives. It features the wonderful sketches and swatches collection of the coats and suits manufacturer Monte Santo & Pruzan. 491 more words

20th Century Fashion History

July Treasure of the Month: Frances Neady Collection

For the better part of the 20th-century, department stores used illustration rather than photography in advertising, fashion magazines, and newspapers.  Some illustrators were on staff at the stores, some worked for advertising agencies, and some were self-employed with contracts to provide drawings for stores.  452 more words

Treasure Of The Month