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Hornby's Giant Ammonite

Occasionally people will inquire about whether ammonite fossils have been found on Hornby Island. Indeed, they have! Our featured treasure for the month of December is this giant ammonite that was found by Stevi Kittleson on the shore past the ferry landing. 116 more words


Barred Owls on Hornby Island

This November we are featuring the beautiful barred owl perched in our raptor exhibit. This barred owl was added to the collection in 1998. It was found by John Fletcher on his Hornby farm, “The Apple Orchard”. 165 more words


Tiny Sea Star

Our featured treasure for October is a small ochre sea star, found in the tidal creatures display at the Natural History Centre. Also known as the purple starfish, sea stars have a special place in the heart of Hornby Islanders. 160 more words


New Donations for Shell Midden Exhibit

This modified scraper was found by Mary Mackenzie in the Spring of 2015. It was in the midden at Little Tribune beach. Thanks to Mary for donating it to our shell midden display along with several other items that can be viewed at the Natural History Centre!



Hairy Woodpecker Nest

Take a stroll through the woods on Hornby and there’s a good chance you will come across a hairy woodpecker, the most familiar and widespread woodpecker in North America, or hear their rhythmic drumming in the trees. 139 more words


Nodding Onion in Bloom

The natural history treasure of the month is the nodding onion (allium cernuum). You can see its long grass-like leaves topped by nodding umbels of pink flowers currently in bloom in our ethnobotanical garden. 133 more words

First Nations

Woodworking Tools: The Hand Maul

As we prepare to create a new display of First Nations history on the island this summer, our treasure of the month for June is a tool traditionally used by the first peoples: the hand maul.  156 more words