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Happy 30th, Mario

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of Super Mario Bros. than by buying myself a little something? I don’t have anything pithy or clever to say about it; I’m just looking for an excuse to post a picture of this fantastic amiibo.


Rompepäivillä aarteita etsimässä. At flea markets seeking for treasures.

Kirpputoreilla ja Rompepäivillä kiertely on jännittävä harrastus. Koskaan ei tiedä, mikä odottaa ja joskus ei tiedä ostetun vempaimen tarkoitusta, mutta hieno se oli.

Seeking treasures at flea markets is very exciting hobby. 57 more words


The unbelievable victories experienced when each moment is fully sacrificed to Him...

The beauty of fully yielding, and sacrificing your mind to Jesus? You are continuously worshiping Abba in your thoughts, and as things come up, throughout each day, your focus inwardly looks to Jesus and as the subtle, or even overpowering mental pain, frustration, anger, doubts, uncertainties, irritants, or even anguish continues, they are being strategically dealt with by Him. 198 more words

A Deeper Fellowship

Treasures from Peru

Peru is the first stop on our world tour and it is truly a amazing country. The people here are extremely kind and many Peruvians, especially in the Andes and the jungle, try to preserve their heritage and culture as much as possible. 309 more words


Ik zit met een ei

I sit with an egg

You have to sit with the egg, which is uncomfortable, and commit to doing that in order for the egg to turn into a chicken, which is what you want. 60 more words


This Animal Life: It Takes a Villager to Build a Village

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has been something of a double-edged sword for me. On one hand, I get a thinly veiled excuse to revisit one of my favorite game worlds via an aside that takes the concept of decorating mi casa into decorating su casa for a change. 434 more words