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Carolines Treasures LH9397BU Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Lunch or

Consideration must be given in the family home to any other pets, as you don’t want your child’s favourite rabbit presented to you, after dogs play time. 326 more words


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Description: There are actually three types of brussels Griffon: the Belgian Griffon, the brussels Griffon, and the Petit Griffon. All are considered to be toy dogs with a shoulder height of 7 to 8 inches and a weight of 6 to 12 pounds. 344 more words


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Grooming: Although the smooth coated brussels griffon does not need more than a weekly brushing to keep the coat in good condition, the rough coated dog will need rather intensive grooming. 305 more words

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Temperament: The brussels griffon makes an excellent companion dog, and is cheerful and confident. It loves to cuddle up with its favorite person and will expect plenty of attention. 260 more words


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History: The first artistically rendered appearance of the brussels griffon is in the painting ‘The Arnolfini Wedding’ by Jan Van Eyck. This masterpiece was created in 1435 and shows the… 371 more words


Carolines Treasures LH9397PK Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Lunch or

Health issues. The petit basset griffon vendeen is a mostly healthy dog, with a life expectancy of 14 years and sometimes more. However, they are predisposed to some eye conditions, including glaucoma. 300 more words


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I’m taking Little Wonders in a new direction and I hope you are along for the ride. I’ve been thinking for a long time about what ‘little wonders’ really means to me – and it may sound obvious, but it’s all of the little things that make life wonderful. 113 more words