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You Will Partake Of Unexpected Treasures

You will lead God’s people in righteousness and integrity. You will partake of unexpected treasures. 33 more words

Daily Thanksgiving Devotion


The beauty of shooting with a film camera is that you tend to forget some rolls and rediscover them. I found a roll a couple of weeks ago from my Nikon FG. 31 more words

Black & White Photography

Snowfall in Mountains

It seems it’s been years since snow piled up for days-
Global warming, I wonder or just that on storm
That seems to haunt us every year. 235 more words

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Have you ever noticed that various types of flowers grow in only specific areas around the world? Whether you are hiking in North America, trekking across the Sahara on camelback or biking along an Island shoreline off the coast of Thailand, natural beauty is present all across the globe. 1,181 more words

Treasures in the sky

Let’s move our treasures to the skies

To the heavens

To some safe vault up there

Let’s forget about it,

No need to lock it up… 149 more words

New Things in 2017!

Since we last visited, Cherylwood Forest had the pleasure of spending the summer at the Harmony Crossing Farmers Market in Putnam County, Georgia where made made lots of friends and expanded our creativity.   112 more words