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"The Blind Musician" by Vladimir Korolenko

I was lucky enough to inherit quite a few books from my grandparents. They are a treasure I will cherish till my dying breath. I can’t help but wonder… how did they feel when they read this for the first time? 402 more words


"A Friend for a Friend" - June's Gift

Not many gifts are to be remembered.

Not many gifts you receive are created with love.

Every time I see this image tears well up in my eyes. 179 more words


Faith's Checkbook: God's Treasury

May 25

God’s Treasury

“The LORD shall open unto thee His good treasure.”Deuteronomy 28:12

This refers first to the rain. The LORD will give this in its season. 219 more words

Morning Devotions

Diy: Tiny Memorial Garden

With Memorial Day right around the corner, I wanted do something to honor those that have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Every few years my birthday falls on this solumn day and this year happens to be the year. 293 more words


Found Objects, collections

I have collected all sorts of things while I have been wandering around the city, on walks in the mountains or the coast and parks, here are some images of the collections I have gathered. 215 more words


Censored Newspaper Articles紹介の一環として、1947年の今日、5月21日に民間検閲局(CCD)へ提出された文書を紹介します。

1947年5月21日、毎日新聞が「秋田弁はよしましょう: 横手南北校が方言追放にさきがけ」と題した記事を民間検閲局(CCD)に提出しました。日本語ゲラによると、小学教員の方言使用に関し、秋田軍政部教育課から注意が寄せられたとのことです。理由としては、教員には正しい標準語を児童に教える義務がある、とし、これを受け横手町南北小学校では正しい標準語の使用運動を前項に展開し、教員相互の方言使用も禁じ、「立派な日本語の普及」に乗り出したとあります。