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Real Estate And Monetary Policy (Has The Fed Created Another Massive RE Price Bubble??)

I will be speaking tomorrow at a Notre Dame conference on commercial real estate and monetary policy (in Chicago). Here are a couple of points that I will be making. 135 more words

The Counter-cycle Of The Treasury Curve And Volatility From Great Recession (2008) To Late-Expansion (2019)

Over, under, sideways, down.

The US economy never really recovered from the disastrous Great Recession and relied on Fed monetary policy (and a misguided fiscal stimulus package). 40 more words

Slippin' Into Darkness! US Construction Spending Growth Goes Negative As Fed's Balance Sheet Tapers

The last big spikes in US Construction Spending YoY occurred in 2013 with QE3 and occurred again in 2015 as QE had reached its peak. 24 more words

Fed's Own Measure Says A Recession May Be Around the Corner (Or Maybe Not)

Despite the confidence in recent Fed-speak (aka, jawboning), a downturn that could lead to a recession may be looming, meaning the central bank’s next step very likely will be a rate cut. 102 more words

打破常规: 构建全球流动性管理的核心

(Eleanor Hill TMI编辑)

每天有超过1.5亿美元流入世界各地的英迈国际(Ingram Micro)公司,因此公司必须要拥有对现金的集中与控制以及快速调剂不同主体间的资金。本文中,该公司财资主管Erik Smolders和门德斯甘斯银行(Bank Mendes Gans,简称BMG)美国地区客户与产品部门执行总裁Bertie Sanders解释了英迈国际是如何设立全球虚拟资金池,以便公司能够灵活地调剂不同主体间的资金而无需发生公司间贷款。他们还概括了这一全球架构的益处,包括大幅减少外汇风险与成本、改善流动性,同时不影响公司现有合作银行的利益。

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Treasurie! Or what I found beautiful this week:

Click on an image and it will take you to the item on Etsy! 18 more words