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How to life hack health!

If, like me, you struggle to keep consistent with your attempts at ‘health’ I feel for you.

Life is hard enough without those dreaded ‘5 portions of fruit and veg a day’ hanging over your head. 429 more words

Living Life

Day 120: Squeaky Clean

Hello my wild ones! The weekend is finally here and since we survived the week treat yourself this evening. I did.

I’ve only got one more day until my days off start and tomorrow I’ll be counting the minutes until I’m free again. 527 more words

Mice, a Video Editors Guide

Mice, mouses, meece? Human interfacing device? Whatever. This is THE most important tool in your arsenal. Forget Avid, Premiere, After Effects or whatever other program or hardware you’re using. 528 more words

Film Maker

I don't know about you...

But I’m feeling 22 😜

Sorry had to be cliche and quote Taylor Swift. It was my birthday yesterday and now I’m 22! Yay. Just kidding. 113 more words


How often can you treat yourself?

The best part about the treat yourself movement is that it looks different for everyone. There are also thousands of ways to treat yourself. If it didn’t have a negative connotation, people would be jumping at the chance to treat themselves 24/7. 324 more words


Podcast 46 will be up later this week!

Episode 46 of the Podcast – Currently titled “Dr. Horrible and My Little Pony” – featuring Special Guest Cassandra Fear from Fear’s Confections, filmed at Fear’s Confections, is currently in the editing bay – and it is one of the best episodes we’ve had recently.   50 more words


Lesson 13 and Group Lesson 5 - Roller coaster lessons and some real life bits

My work has somewhat dominated my life recently. We have been working toward a major deadline, which is somewhat out of my hands now as my supervisor has the meeting tomorrow for it but I’d still like to get some experiments finished to round off the project. 1,064 more words