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the marks on your head look like stars in the sky

look, nobody, i’m back! i made this wordpress blog in like 2007 i think; i’m currently wading through past private entries of delightfully spun gay porn yarns trying to figure it out. 699 more words


Treat Yo' Self Thursday #16, Matcha Bread Pudding

Combining three of my favorite ingredients (aka my holy trinity for healthy desserts) matcha, chia and dark chocolate, this healthyish (emphasis on  the -ish) bread pudding is a delicious twist on a traditional dessert. 334 more words


Treat Yo'self: Summer 2k15

Summa summa summa-time!!!! Schools are closing, pools are opening, flowers are blooming, and the possibilities are endless.  While I know many of you still have full time responsibilities to tend to, you should never be too busy to check out and have some fun.  705 more words


Emotions & Promotions

I have approximately 4802034 draft posts (somewhat) ready to go, but I’d rather have a little chatty moment. Kay? Time to break-up the makeup talk, shall we? 609 more words


Woof Woof: Don't Treat Food as a Reward

You absolutely crushed your physics exam? Let’s get some ice cream! Your softball team won the championship? Let’s get some 1/2 priced apps! You got a phenomenal performance review at work? 270 more words


writing for yourself

I loving writing commentary on pop culture whether it’s critical or just letting people know the cool things that are out there to read, watch and listen to. 315 more words


"Creep Yourself Out"- some musings on Yoga Speak

Anyone who is a regular yoga class attendee, or even taken a few classes is familiar with yoga speak. “Drop your shoulders”, “rotate your thighs inward”, “balance on the four corners of your feet”, “pull your shoulders (blades), down your back” , “pull your lower belly up and in”. 412 more words