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Ulta Haul!

I’ve seen hauls all over YouTube and blog sites so I figured that I would do the same. When dad came to visit he brought me some mail to look through, one of which was an Ulta catalog. 551 more words


Manicure Madness: Watermelons

This summer I have had an obsession: Watermelon.

From the fruit itself to watermelon print, I’ve been a little obsessed. So, when I was due for my next gel manicure at Akiko Nails, it made total sense that I get…you guessed it, watermelons. 98 more words


Face Care Tips and Tricks

The way I see it, a well cared for face is most definitely a beautiful one. Having said that, here are some of the little things I do to keep my face well cared for. 962 more words

Nani's Corner

Treat Yo Self Special Edition: Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars Reveal

Last night the guys stuck around after the show to help me open the Marvel Collector Corp Secret Wars box. Take a look at what we got in the box and let us know if it’s cool enough for you to sign up for the next one.


Two Meatballs: I Could NOT Be More Pinterested!!!!

Did you see what I did there!? #clevergirl #thatoneisforyoukristina Me and Jenny have been on super opposite schedules lately and it has been hard to get together, but don’t worry we are working out with sweet Sandy tomorrow and cooking segments will make a sexy return very soon!   868 more words

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Day 23, Blogging Challenge: If I Won the Lottery...

(See yesterday’s post).  Sure, I have a wish list of things I’d love to get, but I think if I won the lottery, I would buy homes in multiple cities, a private jet and spend my life traveling (and flying friends and family to wherever I was).  29 more words

I’ll Make My Own Goody Bag, Dammit: Stuff I've Taken from Hook Ups' Houses

Photos by Nicole Ritterstein

The thing I miss most about childhood is being rewarded for really dumb shit.

The first time I pooped in the toilet, I netted a Teddy Ruxpin; for finishing all of my dinner one night, I won a Skip-It; and for merely attending Stephanie Ginsberg’s roller skating party, I scored a goody bag full of Polly Pocket swag. 1,019 more words