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5 Simple Ways to "Treat Yo' Self" Whenever

Bad pain day? Treat yo’ self.

High anxiety day? Treat yo’ self.

Good day, sad day, tired day, lonely day? Treat. Yo’. Self.

It took a long time for me to understand that the easiest way to make sure you’re treated really well is to do it yourself. 728 more words


Favourite Smoothies

There’s nothing I love more than a good smoothie. I know people will say ‘it’s not healthy’ and ‘you should eat WHOLE fruit, not juiced fruit’, and yeah, sure, it’s better but also blargh. 523 more words

Living Life

Eggs, Eggs, and When In Doubt, More Eggs

One food I have begun to have a love/hate relationship with throughout this new lifestyle are eggs. Plain and simple, eggs are one of the best things you can eat while eating clean because they’re so versatile. 268 more words

Treat Yo' Self!

Have you ever wished you could dress like an eccentric, visually-impaired billionaire? Do you dream of designer clothing that costs more than a week’s salary but looks like it was designed by a drunk leprechaun who got fired from the hollow tree factory for selling peyote? 624 more words


Treat Yo Self

Give a gift
to your future self.
Do it now.


4 Small Pleasures, I enjoy.

Small pleasures are not extravagant, but they feel like a luxurious escape when you are surrounded by stress.

Small pleasures do not have to be free… 426 more words


Why Don't You? #135


Why don’t you slather yourself in coconut oil, turn on the fireplace, and sleep for fourteen hours? Everybody needs pampered once in awhile. So, save yourself some coins and treat yourself at home. 361 more words