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five on friday: tips for bad days.

Unfortunately, I had a bad day this week. It was one of those bad days that happen for absolutely no reason – which makes you feel even worse because your bad day doesn’t even have a catalyst that you can eventually confront (or avoid, but I advocate for the first one). 830 more words

Man Planning To Sue After Arrest For "Meth" That Was Actually Krispy Kreme

It was a case of mistaken identity. Orlando Police thought they’d identified methamphetamine in a man’s car, when really, it was just the flaky remains of the Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze he’d enjoyed earlier. 367 more words

A Simple Way to Lift Your Mood

Do you buy flowers for yourself?

One of the best New Year’s Resolutions I have ever made was in 2014. Some time before, I had heard a story about Oprah when she was younger and much poorer. 246 more words


If you’re of the sea, like me (seriously, the name Morgan is Welsh for ‘the bright sea’), here’s 10 things you need!

1. Sea Accessories… 308 more words

Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself.

Here we go, time to get personal! At GGB we appreciate the act of giving. We don’t just mean giving to someone else. We believe in giving to yourself too, when was the last time you gave yourself something? 628 more words

Permanent Makeup applications now available!

Permanent makeup is the ultimate style cheat for moms, kinda like the top knot. It’s easy, stylish (add some dry shampoo in your top knot so you feel like you’ve put  some REAL effort in) and did we mention easy? 136 more words


A Real Life Episode of Fringe

I did a crazy thing. (Well, two. I went to Brooklyn.) I spent an hour in a sensory deprivation tank, and you guys? It was amazing. 710 more words