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How Do You Pamper Yourself?

pam┬Ěper | verb

indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil.

How often do you pamper yourself? How often do you indulge in treating yourself to something sweet just because? 303 more words


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Reading…Victorian Fashions for Women and Children: Society’s Impact on Dress

Listening to…The Civil Wars. It’s been something a year since they split, but it still makes me so sad. 284 more words


YOU are worth it.

Two words. Treat. Yourself.

In this era where we are so occupied working, studying and socializing, we easily forget to treat ourselves. We are so busy trying to please other people that we forget to do the things we love for ourselves. 134 more words

Love Yourself

Treat Yoself!

You know you’re desperate when you do something you really don’t like, and end up enjoying every single second of it.

This past weekend I went in to a nail salon to get my gels off, and while I was sitting there I decided to get a pedicure. 167 more words


Floral Frenzy

One of the last outfits from my summer shoot, I snagged this adorable dress from a friend. I love the detail around the collar on this dress; the cutouts add a nice touch to the already vibrant floral pattern. 305 more words

Surprise! 10 Things to do for Yourself Each & Every Day

hello :) so, today #ontheblog i decided i would take a minute to sit down and talk with you all in regards to what i believe are ten… 899 more words


Treat Yo'self

The Parks & Rec episode where Tom and Donna ‘treat themselves’ by saving one day of the year to buy themselves whatever they want is THE best idea of the century. 236 more words