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Sundays Unplugged

For the past few Sundays, I’ve been trying something different.  That something different is giving myself permission to do nothing.  Yes, that’s right, nothing. This has been one of the more stressful times in my life, and a time when I feel like my brain is being pulled in every direction.   738 more words


Treat your self weekend


This weekend was so great. It started off on Friday with getting a new bed frame from Crate and Barrel. I posted a picture a few posts back and talked about how I wanted it. 167 more words

Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding

When it’s a snowy, icy tundra outside, then Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding is the perfect treat to keep you warm…or at least that was my excuse to treat myself when it was snowing and so cold that even penguins would need sweaters when venturing outside. 337 more words


I am not a wandering slave, I am a woman of choice.

Ten rules I need to learn to live by:

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind no matter how stupid you think you will sound…
  2. 107 more words

Some people are worth melting for

Just wanted to say, remember to always treat yourself! It’s extremely important. Staying busy and healthy 24/7 will actually pay its toll
on you. You need to indulge here and there, that’s what makes it a healthy lifestyle. 33 more words

Ice Cream

Bath and Beauty Haul: Sephora and Lush

Well surprise surprise, I made a trip to the mall and was unable to walk out without stopping in Lush and picking up a few things I needed from Sephora. 82 more words