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New Makeup Review

Hey everyone, sorry my posts have been sporadic. I’ve been busy with work, traveling, and studying for the MCAT. So I’m going to try to post when I can the next month or so and then I’ll go back to posting regularly. 631 more words


Treat Yo' Self!

And other times you just have to admit it and say…

xxx Jedidiah


When Nature Calls...

It happens – it has happened, and it will continue to happen. You are in a public place and you need to drop heat. If you are in a singular place of business, your options are to use their facilities or high-tail it home. 103 more words


#SshSunday 💟 Hangover Cure - Food

So here we are, Sunday afternoon and I don’t know about you, but I’m suffering indefinitely from the hangover blues. Headache, intermittent temperature, and a severe craving of all things food-ish. 430 more words

Treat Day

Let the 30th birthday planning begin! First stop: London.

This morning I drove to a Starbucks so that I could escape the house and put myself to work on this little blog I’ve got going on here. 378 more words


Tesco F&F Haul 💝

So, today my momma and I were shopping in Tesco when we noticed a gorgeous pair of shoes in the sale. After discovering they didn’t have our size on the randomly positioned sales stand, we walked around to the clothes department to double check here. 158 more words


Speculoos & Nutella Tiramisu recipe

Add a little sweetness into yoUR life =)

I have tried an amazing and easy way to make Tiramisu that I want to share with you today. 294 more words