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The Best Things To Buy At Trader Joe's

This weekend, I woke up at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday. No, I didn’t have an aneurysm or a personality change. What could inspire me to wake up with the functional adults of the world on a weekend? 752 more words

New Orleans

Treat your Feet

Your feet work so hard to keep you going, they deserve a little TLC! I know mine do. I spend most of my work week in steal toes because I work in a warehouse. 393 more words


of soups and songs

So I went to a local singer/songwriter’s festival and came home thinking “I could do that.” Kind of like when I thought I could be British after watching Spice World. 624 more words

Poetry And Such

The Dangers of Fast Fashion

The first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to consumerism is fast fashion. What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is a relatively modern phenomena that occurs within several high street retailers. 453 more words



I think I could go all year without going on for a cut for my hair. I’m happy to let that mane grow out and not worry about it. 168 more words

Salon Offering Free Shampoos To Residents In Drought-Stricken Town

The community is pulling together in a drought-stricken town where many residents have wells that are drying up: a salon is offering free shampoos, and the local fire department has a new open-spigot policy for anyone in need. 201 more words

Self Care on a Budget

I’ve always wondered why self-care has always been attributed to spending so much cash. To be honest, before I became a self-care junkie, I though only the rich could afford the luxury of indulging in self-care. 483 more words

Self Care