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Black Garlic Swirl Bread


When in doubt, put it on bread. That’s what I tell myself when leftovers and weird ingredients fill up my fridge. 716 more words


Eat to Live, Live to Eat

Perhaps I’m still in a chill, vacation-mode mindset, or the fact that I’m spooning Ben & Jerry’s into my mouth as I type this, either way I am in a damn good mood. 842 more words

Silk Pillowcases - SLIP

Every since I started noticing the fine lines around my eyes and the deep hills and valleys on my forehead, I have become slightly obsessed with discovering ways to slow down the aging process without having to go under the knife. 481 more words



Guys, I did something crazy. I mean, that’s what you’re supposed to do after a breakup right? Cut off all your hair, party on a tropical island, eat all the bon-bons. 129 more words

About Me

How to Treat Yo' Self (Guilt Free)

It’s a Never Ending Cycle…

…I have a bad day, so I come home, and indulge in a multitude of activities to make myself feel better (open a bottle of wine, order delivery, pick-up a movie, online shop…you get the picture), just to wake up the next morning with regret and guilt around my choices.   220 more words


Fayoum - The Perfect Weekend Escape

Sometimes the city can just get to you. Cairo is exciting and full of endless opportunity, but we love to take time to get out and explore the countryside.  190 more words


Easter Is ONLY Three Weeks Away!

Easter is only three weeks away and I know how easy it is to sneak some cheeky chocolates here and there (the supermarkets have had easter eggs since New Years which is CRAZY!) and the next thing you know, you have eaten the stash that you were going to give as gifts! 93 more words