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The power of the foot soak

The foot is the foundation of the body and is often the most under acknowledged.  Time after time there have been cultures that have had foot bathing as a sign of respect.   437 more words


Feel Like A Million Bucks

Do you ever think sometimes you neglect to take care of yourself? Or maybe you don’t even notice that you don’t take the time to pamper yourself?  327 more words

A Spontaneous, Lazy Staycation

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I love hotels.

Well, ok, that’s hardly a shocking “secret”, but it’s definitely one of those things that most people react to in a normal, un-extra way, but that the thought of sends me into a 5-year-old-at-Christmas-eve fit of excitement. 546 more words


How to Make the Most Out of Your Downtime

Have you ever woken up and wondered, “What did I do last night?” And no, I’m not talking about after a late night out with friends, but a run of the mill Wednesday night at home. 598 more words

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My Mummy Must-haves 

I recently watched Anna Sacconejoly’s video with her “mummy must-haves” and thought it would be such a good idea for a blog.

But anyhoo, let’s get into it. 1,340 more words

Baby Boy


The worst feeling in the world is knowing how much you have to do. More often than not, we feel as though we are completely incapable of starting on anything. 416 more words

Be Your Best Self

Treat Yourself Tips

By Paulina A. Marinero & illustrator from Positively Present, Dani DiPirro

So I’ve been super busy preparing content, creating new visuals and just over all new ideas for my beloved, precious PBC Magazine. 1,338 more words