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International Frameworks on Climate Change

Over the past couple of years, i have become familiarised with climate change progress and stagnation.

The very essence of progress and hope in this arena, is unfortunately crushed by the realistic nature of the world. 217 more words


Nothing is Certain, Except...

I long ago gave up trying to do taxes myself.  Even when they were simple, it wasn’t easy. Now that I have addresses in two countries, it’s ridiculous. 466 more words

Living And Learning

Congress Considers Defining Decrees, Wars as Impeachable Crimes


This is the first time we have actually had a member of Congress step out front to try to protect the American people against the tyranny of the Executive Orders that have and are being used to “rule” this country along with all the other illegal maneuvers which have been used in the White House and Congress.. 1,469 more words


Putting the Corker on the Iran Deal

This deal that the Obama administration has been negotiating with the Iranians regarding their nuclear weapons is looking just awful, but there doesn’t seem to be much that anyone can do about it. 506 more words


Colonization: Treaties and Land Claims- Part 1

One of the most prominent disputes today between the First Nations and the federal government is about land claims. You may have heard about these in the news occasionally, and you might have wondered what caused it all. 520 more words