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May 20, 1927

The Treaty of Jeddah is signed, meaning Saudi Arabia is now indepedent from the United Kingdom.


Secrecy in international agreements

The recent P5+1 negotiations and the agreements reached so far have sparked much discussion and letter-writing. Part of this has to do with the obscurity of the negotiations and the simple reason that the few texts that have been made public are unlikely to present the totality of what the negotiations actually deal with apart from the nuclear issue. 866 more words

Public International Law

April 24, 1926

The Treaty of Berlin, a non-aggression pact between the Soviet Union and Germany is signed.  Both parties agreed to remain neutral if the other was attacked by a third party within a period of five years.  31 more words


Negotiations: Iran and Trans-Pacific-Partnership

At Rep. Reed’s Town Hall Meeting at Atlanta (Steuben County) on March 15 the following question was asked:

What did you learn by going to Netanyahu’s message to congress, and do you agree with the forty-seven Senators  who undermined our President’s role in negotiating with Iran?

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December 1, 1925

The Locarno Treaties are signed in London, aka the “Pact of Locarno.”  Not only did this normalize relations (finally) between the western allies and Germany, it also meant that Germany agreed not to use military force to restructure its western border.  65 more words


[Non-Fiction] Jamaica leading cannabis charge against international treaties binding US and others

I think their confidence is fantastic:

“Jamaica intends to participate, and to lead, if necessary, a process in the United Nations to have those treaties amended or to reflect what I believe is the evidence that is available, and take those fully into account in the international treaties as they now exist,” he said.

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