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Parva Naturalia (Little Physical Treatises) Vol. 2 EPUB

Aristotelian physics is a form of natural science described in the works of the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384–322 BCE). In his work Physics, Aristotle intended William David Ross (1877—1971) Sir William David Ross was a British philosopher, college administrator, WW I veteran, civil servant, and humanities scholar best Pamela Abbott 1947- and Claire Wallace 1956-Pamela Abbott Director of the Centre for Equality and Diversity at Glasgow Caledonian University. 31 more words

Parva Naturalia (Little Physical Treatises), Vol. 1 PDF

First Page: Parva Naturalia (Little Physical Treatises), Vol. 1, by Aristoteles. Note: Numbers in curly brackets relate to the footnotes that have been transferred Bekker number Work Latin name Parva Naturalia (“Little Physical Bekker number Work Latin name Parva Naturalia (“Little Physical Treatises”) Volume The Project Gutenberg EBook of Parva Naturalia (Little Physical Treatises) Vol 2, by Aristoteles This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with Quotes Quotations from Aristotle are often cited by Bekker numbers, which are keyed to the original Greek and therefore independent of the translation used. 195 more words

New Edition by Professor Daniel J. Solove

Daniel J. Solove & Paul M. Schwartz, Information Privacy Law (6th ed. 2018).


Leaving Life As if From an Inn, Not a Home

Cicero De Senectute, 84

“Even if some god should permit that I would return to the time of my birth from this age, I would sternly refuse–for, truly, I do not wish to restart as if to retrace a race run from the finish line to the starting post. 238 more words


Born to Make Fantasy

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The second of three major essays I was tasked with writing in Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda’s First Year Writing class, what follows is a source analysis of the opening theme to Yuri!!! 1,201 more words


Who Cares About Your Genitals


I wrote this essay as part of a first year writing course I took this fall with Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda. To put this into context, I am a senior (5th year) undergraduate mathematics major taking this particular English core requirement for the third time. 870 more words


Neither Cowards nor Nobodies: A Rant on Classics and Politics

Il. 1.294-5 (Achilles to Agamemnon)

“Really, may I be called both a coward and a nobody
If I yield every fact to you, whatever thing you ask” 503 more words