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Take care of your High Blood Pressure

What is blood pressure?

When your heart beats, it pumps blood round your body to give it the energy and oxygen it needs. As the blood moves, it pushes against the sides of the blood vessels. 260 more words


A Novel drug, Ingrezza, for the treatment of tardive dyskinesia

JoAnn Filipov, Mercer University College of Pharmacy

Tardive Dyskinesia is an involuntary movement disorder induced by continued exposure to dopamine receptor agents (DBRAs). It is associated with persistent, hindering physical conditions causing significant problems for psychiatric patients. 1,488 more words

Unboxing: L'Oréal Paris Micronized Centella Essence Water

“Miracle Water” or “First Treatment Essence (FTE)” used to be synonymous with Japanese and Korean beauty brands. However, with the rise in popularity and demand in the market, many countries have started to develop and introduce their version, complete with their proprietary ingredients, formulations, or technology. 280 more words

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New “High-Tech” Dental Treatments May be Able to Repair Teeth

This is encouraging new research, although not enough of the details have been finalized yet. The advanced treatments will hopefully be low cost so that reducing human plight can take precedence over increasing corporate profits. 498 more words

Scientific Research

Dernier round - 200%

Comment va votre système immunitaire ? C’est la fin du traitement …

Le 19 novembre dernier, j’ai fait de mon mieux. Cette occasion le méritait: c’était mon dernier cycle de chimio, donc les flics blancs avec une étoile dorée sur leur poitrine se sont réveillés et ont recruté tous ceux qu’ils ont trouvés dans mes veines : 5570 neutrophiles par uL !!! 2,458 more words


Treatment For Cellulite on Legs

I didn’t even know all these things were possible in your body draining the face? oh yeah. I love draining faces.

Let’s do this! This is a perfect day for a Beauty Trippin’. 1,820 more words

Skin Care

All the arrows in your quiver

I was listening to Dan Harris and his co-author Jeff Warren (Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics) on Joe Rogan’s podcast the other day and they were discussing meditation I have my own subjective experiences with the benefits of meditation on my mental health, which, I’ll try to briefly summarize here: Developing a practice of meditation involves training the mind to pay attention to thoughts as they arise in consciousness. 483 more words