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Lyme Disease Treatment

Due to space constraints this article will ONLY cover the treatment of borrelia, the causative agent of Lyme Disease. To see treatments for the various co-infections, type Bartonella, Babesia, or Mycoplasma into the search bar for those articles. 3,581 more words

Unintentional sabotage

If you went to a new restaurant and  then got sick — a churning stomach, headache, chills and the whole bit — then you wouldn’t go back. 944 more words


I’ve been broken and shattered for so long that it might be impossible to put me back together

They’ve tried glue and they’ve tried tape and they’ve even tried stitches but it seems I’ll be dysfunctional forever…

238 more words
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How to solve winter skin.

During the winter months many of us face the issue of getting bad skin. In the summer, the sun usually fixes most bad skin dilemmas and also gives us a tanned glow to our complexion. 517 more words


A New Path

At my grandfather’s funeral almost 6 years ago now, he left roses for all the valuable, special women in his life. Since then, roses have been my favorite flower. 92 more words

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Karen's Heart Healthy Favorites

“The heart wants what the heart wants.” – Emily Dickinson

This month, our attention turns to the heart. Of course, there’s Valentine’s Day with its love focus, but February is also American Heart Month with a focus on health. 730 more words


The Beginning of our Health Journey

Our grocery stores, manufacturing and even some farming techniques have proven to be harmful to the extent of even our healthy foods aren’t so healthy anymore. 839 more words