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12 Signs You May Have Diabetes

Diabetes has become increasingly common in our modern times. Our diet has changed dramatically over the last one hundred years, and diet can be directly correlated with Type 2 Diabetes. 14 more words


5 Surprising Facts That Heart Attack Is Different in Women

Heart attacks are one of the most common causes of death. The good news is that there are many symptoms that show the onset of heart attacks and thereby, it can be prevented if we try hard enough. 26 more words


This is How The Baking Soda Can Help You To Eliminate The Fat in The Arms, Thigh, Belly And Back

It’s really easy to gain some extra pounds, but losing them can be the hardest thing in the world, especially if most of the fats are located in the belly area. 50 more words


Dangling on a Literal Ledge.

A part of me is telling me not to write about this yet because the wound is still so fresh, but writing is a critical instrument to any little part of healing and has kept me alive every day more so I think than a lot of other things. 1,130 more words


Stigma: Persevering in the face of negative perception

Stigma. The word itself feels like one that you kind of, sort of, intrinsically know, but can’t describe very well. You know it’s not a good thing, and you can use it in a sentence, but you never go looking for the nuance of its meaning. 1,426 more words

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Cancer Crusaders: Canine Patients Advancing Better Therapies


Cancer Crusaders

March 21, 2019

How today’s canine patients help to advance better cancer therapies for pets and people

Rex, a five-year-old Cane Corso weighing in at 100 pounds, had a summer to remember in 2018. 2,592 more words