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In the last few months I have watched the Me too movement spread worldwide. Now its making a huge impact in Australia. Many strong people have shared their stories and are trying to make a difference. 496 more words


Taking the Fear out of Medication

Years ago, I started an antidepressant. I completed a six month trial period and it wasn’t right for me. I was hesitant to try a different one. 573 more words

Free Stuff is Awesome

Having access to Youtube is like having access to free classes. How is it possible that these amazing videos, with a wealth of knowledge, are FREE?! 153 more words

The Golden Goddess Story - Chapter Two Chemo

My first chemo treatment made quite the impression.  It was the first of many events that would lead to me taking my healing into my own hands.   1,108 more words


Demystifying Mental Health Treatment: What to do if you're feeling “stuck” in therapy

A couple weeks back, I shared my #2018resolution to work harder to demystify mental health treatment. One of the things that makes therapy so complex is that it’s designed to treat somewhat abstract human experiences, so it’s tricky to point to exactly what works and what doesn’t.   1,910 more words

Blue paint eating me alive - Part One

I finally remembered where I recognize that jean jacket from. Johnny and I were reading each other’s poetry on a bench down by the State house, this was almost a year ago, and a homeless man walked by and hung around awhile with his spiel about life. 2,277 more words

Eating Disorder

Water Polo Injuries: From A Scientific Perspective | El Paso Back Clinic® • 915-850-0900

Chiropractic scientist, Dr. Alexander Jimenez appears at the most common injuries incurred from the first team game in the modern-day Olympics…

Water polo, while not played with the ancients, was the first team sport played in the Olympics, beginning at the 1900 games in Paris. 2,164 more words