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GIFT: week 36 Measurement of the foot, Rhomboids, Improving breathing, Pelvic translation and rotation, assessing and treating the shoulder  

This week we looked at measurement of the foot. If we want to be objective we can assess the angulation, verticality and horizontal measurements of various joints to assess the motion at the foot e.g. 653 more words

GIFT And Gray Institute

body surfing into round 3 of chemo

Today is round three. I’m ready as usual. (I remembered my meds!) I actually like systemically treating cancer. It satisfies my deep sense of justice. I’m all like, “Oh you wanna fight? 653 more words


Improve your Understanding with 3D Animation on Articular Cartilage Problems

Produced by an experienced team of medical writers, 3D animators, and project managers with a detailed understanding of anatomy and surgery; they take complex surgical procedures and animate the steps to tell a visually stunning story in 3D that is both educational and entertaining. 47 more words


Retail Therapy: 30 Days of Shopping Detox

What happened if the world stood still? What if the end of days was tomorrow?…No just kidding but this is what my next 30 days are going to feel like.

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Finally getting a handle on what to take when

Well, I’m still here, though there’ve been times in the last few days I didn’t think I would be.

After, what, four days? of struggling to get my gut under control and losing ground all the while, I finally called the doctor yesterday and they told me to come in. 673 more words


The Long Over Due Review

Oh where to start!? As many of you may already know Sunday Riley’s Good Genes has been all the RAVE on blogs, youtube, –basically the internet’s entire beauty community-  487 more words

Varicose veins more common than you think

(CNN) — Varicose veins don’t only affect older women; men get them too. The good news is they are easy to treat.

Varicose veins are more than a cosmetic issue. 266 more words