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88/365 - Tree Creeper

I headed out to our local nature reserve under grey, squalling skies.  I nearly turned around fearing it would be a waste of time but 40 minutes later as I pulled into the car park, the clouds partially parted and the sun beamed down.   111 more words


I didn't mean to do it.

Today’s frightening guest picture comes from a visit to the gardens at Alnwick by my Newcastle correspondent.  What lies behind the gate?  We can only wonder. 609 more words


The Belligerent Buzzard

I could see the old male buzzard stood sentinel on a fence post as I rolled the X-Trail along the muddy drive towards the farm. “I’ve got you, this time, you old bugger!” I thought, my finger pushing the switch to lower the drivers side window. 672 more words

Ian Barnett

Treecreeper in the hen-house.

From the National Toxic Network.

In Australia there are currently 566 herbicide products registered for use with glyphosate as the active ingredient. Its such a widely promoted product you can buy it in supermarkets along with your weekly shopping which gives everyone the impression it is harmless. 89 more words

Bird on a stick

The bird being a tree creeper and the stick being a massive tree.  Not an easy bird to take as they’re always on the move, taken last week sometime in The Trossachs, Scotland.