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The Tree House Resort

Nature is the biggest brand today. We are all so hassled by daily commute, poisonous pollution and never-ending stream of notifications demanding our attention that any chance to get away from it all is gobbled up quickly. 412 more words


Luckiest kid in Longfellow?

Stumbled upon this fantastic modern fort in the neighborhood. How could you not want to be 10 years old again when you see this?

Photo: Kristen Lancaster

Sand Foam!

This was a fun one — and super feelsy. Raya and I took to her treehouse (luckily the bobcats had vacated! Kora contentedly kicked in her beloved carrier as I trekked up the uber narrow ladder with a bowl of sand (regular play sand mixed with crafter colored sand) and a can of daddy’s shaving cream. 26 more words


How to Install Floating Shelves

By Jennifer Geddes

Seeming to defy gravity, floating shelves are a chic, streamlined addition to a home’s decor. But how do they actually stay up, and how many knickknacks can these bracketless wonders actually support? 382 more words

Tree House

Monday’s Distraction 18

Fun links around the net… Do i look busy enough already?

Mess Project

Trazan och Banarne

Jim wrote about building a tree house for the gummies or was it to himself, he wasn’t sure.

I want to build a tree house one day. 174 more words

What Ever