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Tree House is Finally Finished!

Well, it took about 6 months longer than we originally planned, but the tree house is finally done. Many thanks to Jairo, Jessie, Jay and all the other folks who stopped by and helped out over the last month or so to get it done.


Castle Project Phase 5

After a discussion with the missus (i.e. Being told) I decided to neaten up the trap door, I chiselled in a recessed pull loop that I got from Screwfix and fitted a gas strut to keep the trap door from slamming. 334 more words

Castle Project Phase 4

For the fascias I felt it would look a bit naff if I just painted brickwork on, so I decided to put brick relief on with some exterior filler. 201 more words

Castle Project Phase 3

After getting the fascia doors done I needed to start on the task of staining the doors, building some steps and putting the brick relief on. 85 more words

Castle Project Phase 2

Once the frame was in it was time to get the plywood for the fascia.  I wanted these to just be screwed to the frame in case castles fell out of favour.   415 more words

Castle Project Phase 1

After quite a few “suggestions” that we needed something for the kids to play on in the back garden I finally decided to do something about it. 306 more words

Some fun memories for a change: life as a young music nerd girl and wanting to live in a tree

Today is fun memory day for a change I guess. I guess around 1980 an older girl in the neighborhood decided me and the new kid Matthew liked each other but were both shy so she bugged us until we kissed. 1,424 more words

Music Therapy