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US stands alone in climate change scepticism

As Syria seeks to join the Paris Climate Accord, President Donald Trump walks away from it. The US is now left to stand alone in its stance on climate change. 668 more words


Blackbirds gather in the afternoon

Grackles gather in the afternoon, filling the treetops! Winter is coming! I call them pepper birds because they sprinkle like pepper across the sky!

In a whirr of grackle wings and calls,  they are off to their next stop!


Halloween's over. Trees drop masks!

Halloween’s over. Trees drop their masks. (Maple leaves)


Once the leaves are gone...

Check out the branch and twig structures! This is a male White Mulberry.  Do the twig clusters look like spiders or daddy long-legs to you?


Bug carvings

Magnolia leaf creatures carved by bugs!


You never know when someone might be watching you!

John recently pulled a great big hollow log up from the river. It has attracted quite a bit of attention. Ground hugs run through it regularly. 44 more words


It's 'Fess-up Time...I'm A True Tree Hugger!

I know that Canadians are mocked in the rest of the world for their love of trees. We really are known as ‘tree huggers’. Lawsuits are launched regularly because somebody objects to a municipality or neighbor cutting down a favorite tree. 956 more words