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Nature Blows My Mind! Timelapse film of 150,000 photos show Slow Life of corals (Video) : TreeHugger

For the Sheer Beauty and Wonder of It, Corals on a Monday Morning:

Brought to You by Your Curated Information Blog, Create & Be Well… 179 more words

World-Building Wonders - Principles as Religion

Welcome to another installment of World-Building Wonders! Find a Friday escape into an author’s awesome world — and worldview! Today’s featured author is Lelia Rose Foreman… 471 more words

World Building

Tree-Hugger's Confession

First, the confession, inspired by Natalie Scarberry’s enchanting post on trees.

The fact that I am a tree-hugger, is not the confession. That’s something I’m proud of. 582 more words

Earth And Nature

Why Conservationism is a Christian Value

Conservationism is known by various terms: environmentalism, being “green,” and perhaps the most pejorative of all is tree hugger. These terms describe an effort to protect the earth from being over-developed and/or over-utilized, and stereotypically describe someone as being socially liberal, and likely non-Christian. 661 more words

Christian Living

My First Blog♡ me♡ myself ♡moi ♡

Hey there!
I’m really excited to finally be blogging, again. What can I tell you about me? I’m as close to a country girl ’round these parts, here.. 500 more words

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Last summer I wasn’t able to find A46 Kaikash in the Inside Passage, he was further up north, too far for me to reach him that day, but I was able to talk to a guy who had met him the year before, when he was still swimming with his brother… 455 more words

Tree Hugger

Song for the Tree Huggers

author’s note:

Here’s a term I often hear used derisively: tree hugger.

Well, if you’re losing your balance and about to fall off a cliff, I think you might be relieved to find the arms of a tree. 139 more words