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Motor Valley

A vivere nella Motor Valley ci si sente esattamente così, cavallini antichi, dipinti di stupida vernice per automobile, atterrati su un fianco.

Poi con molto impegno si riesce anche a trovare una qualche nobiltà nella propria condizione, beninteso purché si venga fotografati in buona compagnia, dall’angolazione giusta e in un contesto storico. 10 more words


New August Burns Red

Ok, I’m loving the heaviness with the guitar, and the christian stuff, but I’m getting some major tree-hugger vibes which piss me off. Great song, but lacking lyrically.


The life of the conservationist is privileged but grim. Privileged because the conservationist gets to witness the shining last glimpses of wild life on Earth, while so many people are too busy with the spectrum of depression to even look out of the window. 1,097 more words


Creative Interlude

I love this tree so much I had to post another picture of it!

Daisy chain tutorial!

I think everyone has those moments were they just want to run barefoot with a crown of flowers on their heads, but tumblr and every teenage girl in the world have kind of over done the whole flower crown thing. 415 more words



Personally, I am in favour of the removal of words referred to nature in the Oxford Junior Dictionary to make room for words related to the web. 399 more words

Tree Hugger

Ghost of the Trees 

The sky was full of colors,

Blues, pinks, oranges, and yellows.

As the sun went down,

The silhouettes of trees were beautiful.

The ghost of a girl appeared in the sky, 51 more words