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The Tree of Life and the Divine Restoration: Part IV

Let us now explore the esoteric implications of the Garden of Eden (Gan Eden) story in relation to Cabalistic philosophy, and specifically regarding the extended symbol system known as the “Tree of Life”. 1,419 more words

Good Vs. Evil

Tree Spirit Truth

You aren’t leaving anything, he glowed at the sky. It’s a matter of going to, the adventure is nigh.

Labor of Love

What about the fruit


If we eat it too early

Before it is ripe

It will make us sick


If we wait too long

The fruit will rot… 82 more words

X-Rated Or Pre-Child Porn?

This was a 1/2 page ad in The Indianapolis Star this past Sunday. I thought what The heck, this is a way to show people how asleep They really are? 250 more words


Calling by R. S. Thomas

The telephone is the fruit

of the tree of the knowledge

of good and evil. We may call

everyone up on it but God.

To do that is to declare… 72 more words


The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

Since every thought,
every word
every action
is a seed
which bares fruit

upon tasting the fruit… 65 more words

The Awakening

Let's talk about your TLB, OK? Twitchy Little Bastard score is your TLB...

So, here I am, again, with tears dripping from my chin. Not from sadness, although there is sadness there. Not from happiness, not from grief, although there is grief there. 157 more words