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Go take a hike! (No, really, I mean it...)

I’m writing this with a migraine.  I mean, a real clinically diagnosed one, not just a bad headache.  This is the kind the doc prescribes daily beta-blockers for, as well as “as needed” medication, not just the stuff you can get over-the-counter. 747 more words


Call of the Wild

Mum has a vivid memory of her early childhood and I love hearing about her adventures. Her early days were spent in India and they sounded happy. 4,456 more words

Time And Culture

Tree of Knowledge

She found herself by the river. Ancient story, not his but hers. She held onto the sky and tended branches, like gardens. She rested and time wandered restlessly, only pausing for passage. 29 more words

The little white house

The little white house had been there longer than anyone could remember. The cornerstone said 1781, but nobody thought that was possible. Sudbury wasn’t a town that far back. 1,406 more words

Hearing From God

First Time in Roswell

Before I start this blog post, I want to take a minute and thank everyone who has read the blog.  We just reached 100,000 hits, which is amazing to me.   1,240 more words


Clarification of Satan's Involvement with Humankind

Note:     This question is clarification of the post from February 3, 2016 entitled, Christ Coming Back?

Question:     I’m a little bit unclear about this sentence, “At the point that the being interpreted as Satan noticed that mankind were potential Soul Carriers, Satan stepped in to encourage mankind towards their spiritual evolution.” Could you expound upon it a little bit further to explain what Higgins means by Satan encouraging mankind towards their spiritual evolution? 321 more words