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New Tree of Knowledge Progress

Good Morning,

So not terribly surprising but I fell off the posting wagon again.
I need an app that let’s me just think my posts into existence lol… 430 more words


Garden of Life

The biggest obstacle that often plagues the human race is the inability to set personal differences aside for the overall greater good of a common cause.   927 more words


Perfection and Completion in the Garden of Eden

I have a lot of thoughts about the Star.

Like, a lot.

It’s interesting to me that, in the order of the deck, the Star follows the Tower, because in real life, things go the other way. 1,267 more words


Reveling in the ephemeral abundance of flowers

Our crab apple is flowering, more buds than we have ever had before. It literally looks like it is covered in snow. All grown from a volunteer seed that a volunteer bird ate inside a nearby crab apple and deposited in our front lawn (in a perfectly selected spot, I might add). 138 more words


Reading Genesis 1-3 Pt. 3 – The Fall Narrative

In this blog post, we look at the Fall narrative, especially with regards to other mythologies of the Ancient Near East.

The usual suspects of Adam, Eve, and the serpent are in attendance, but an unexpected visitor makes an appearance… 930 more words

'Tis Sweet by George Gordon, Lord Byron

…………………..‘Tis Sweet

‘Tis sweet to see the evening star appear;
…‘Tis sweet to listen as the night-winds creep
From leaf to leaf; ‘tis sweet to view on high… 323 more words


Why Did God Not Want Adam And Eve To Eat From The “Tree of Knowledge?”

Why did Satan want Adam and Eve to eat from this “Tree of Knowledge?” As for me, I have always craved more and more knowledge, so it was very difficult to comprehend why God would want Humans to not have knowledge. 466 more words