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Ever since God created man “in His own image” (Gen. 1:26), thus granting unto him the ability to decide  and determine the direction his life would take, life has been filled with choices. 462 more words

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The Evolution of Ego in the Allegory of Adam & Eve

(This is the continuation of a series exploring the nature of the human ego in the world’s religions and science, beginning with this post.) 1,435 more words


The True Meaning of the Story of the Garden of Eden

I suppose that most people are familiar with the Biblical story of humanity’s expulsion from the legendary Garden of Eden, the earthly paradise in which it is said that our earliest human ancestors, named Adam and Eve, once dwelled in blissful ignorance of their blessed state until, tempted by the lying snake, they disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. 1,369 more words


Darwin or Palmerston or Darwin?

Our first port of call on the way to Japan was Darwin, which is the capital of Northern Australia, with a population of about 150,000. 1,151 more words


Gilding Of Your Soul's Book

T:  What message does Elan have for me today?

A:  “It is with proper guidance that I take you by the hand and I lead you in that land, to that place of enlightenment. 168 more words

Angela Hendrickson


Were Adam and Eve

Transformed into

Something different

When they ate

From that tree

Or did they become

Aware of everything

That was already there… 10 more words

Dragon's deception

The serpentine dragon cradled its head on the bough of  the Knowledge Tree and reasoned with Eve. “You look hungry. I heard you aren’t allowed to eat from any of Eden’s varieties. 467 more words