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Temptation to do good by David Heisler


The most subtle influence satan has on the believer is not temptation to do evil, but rather temptation to do good. The temptation to live by a set of ethics, morals and values and focus on self-improvement is by far the most effective method the wicked one has to keep the believer from realizing union with the Father. 37 more words

God Only

The intersection of time and timeless

is the moment we are in. Someone said that. I forget who.

I spend my life running from A to B, and I enjoy being busy. 167 more words

Seven Trees

The Tree is a world-wide wisdom-glyph, a potent symbol of connection and energy and life. The Tree features significantly in Druidry, among its many other appearances, with one reasonable explanation of the meaning of the word… 1,316 more words


Important message!!!

We all deserve freedom and only way to be free is to share knowledge of all levels freely. Tree of knowledge is Tree of Life and its fruits must be avaiable for everyone to enjoy it fully. 111 more words

Important Message

Vel in Limine Mundi

With the requisite introductions out of the way, I suppose it’s important for me to commit to why I’ve started this blog. As foretaste I’ve mentioned it is explicitly about my explorations in a number of topics, though primarily those which are deemed occult, or hidden. 550 more words

The Tree of Knowledge

Commemorating the birthplace of the Australian Labor Party, the Tree of Knowledge is a multi-faceted memorial sheltering the preserved trunk of the original tree. The memorial dominates the main street of Barcaldine. 98 more words


Suffering Of The Innocents - Part Two

In preparation for Lent, we began with Part One of Roslyne Smith‘s article, “The suffering Of The Innocents,” from her book, Animal Welfare: Through The Cross, A Collection of Animal Christian Concern Articles… 807 more words

Creation Care