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Understanding the contradictions - strory of Adam and Eve

Do I contradict myself all the time? Yes, I do. You cannot understand my posts, if you dont understand contradictions. Life is full of contradictions and paradox. 755 more words

900 Years of Tree Diagrams, the Most Important Data Viz Tool in History

“Tree of virtues and tree of vices.” From Lambert of Saint-Omer, Liber floridus, 1121. “A remarkable illustration…depicting two opposing arboreal schemes in the form of fig trees.Illustrations by Ghent University Library… 153 more words

The Tree of Life and The Divine Restoration: Part III

The Divine in its pure, original state- according to mystical understanding the world over- is the very essence of Love/Bliss. Seeds created in its image and likeness are exposed to choices inherent in fields of creation defined by polarity and multiplicity…and then meaningful shit happens. 1,413 more words

Good Vs. Evil

The Cross

The cross represents death

As does the tree of knowledge

These two are the same tree

And the word of God

Is the fruit of that tree… 59 more words

Conservatives and the Tree of Knowledge

While reading about Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, I started thinking about the Genesis story of man’s fall from grace.  Mr. Gorsuch defended  a Christian family business’s right to refuse to comply with Obamacare’s contraception mandate as this impinged on their freedom of religion. 376 more words

God Concept

The Tree of Life and The Divine Restoration: Part II

In biblical mythos (literal history to Abrahamic fundamentalists), the first human couple was created within a divine enclosure of pure delight. The enclosure was described as a garden (or more properly an orchard) where many trees pleasing to the eye bore the most refreshing and delicious of fruit. 1,149 more words

Good Vs. Evil

Adam and Eve

In the beginning

There was nothing man made

Nothing but God and his creation

No sin


One thing though—

If you eat from the tree of knowledge… 70 more words