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God, Fozzie Bear and the Universe

 You don’t see an Einstein/Muppet reference every day.

You’re welcome.

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The True Nature of Consciousness

Can we all just admit we look fat in our shell and move on?  Please.

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Durable Naked Aliens

Actually, in an alternate spiderverse, Spiderman did have a daughter and she did develop spidey-senses. Unfortunately, there were no naked aliens–durable or otherwise.

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Risky Business

Never start a land war in Asia and never get into business with a raccoon that only looks like he knows stuff.

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The One With the Bandit-You-Want-to-Hug-Mug

I’ve been censored. Again. I actually wrote, “The B.S. is strong in this one,” but someone decided it was inappropriate for a family newspaper/web/mobile audience. Good thing I have this forum to set the record straight.

And, you know, whine.

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