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Treefort Music Fest 2015. We were waiting for a spot to see Josh Ritter. By this time, we had been waiting over an hour I believe. It was worth it.


this is one of the greatest songs of all time. truly. un-live and live.


Treefort and Learning from Other's Mistakes In PR

This week in a Public Relations course I am taking, I have been assigned to discuss an instance in the industry worth writing about. The result of our efforts in the Public Relations industry is that when things go well, consumers and our audience tend to not notice our work, it will merely blend into their daily experience. 271 more words


Treefort Music Festival: Forever my North by North-West

Above: !!!’s live set at Treefort – Image courtesy of AudioHammock.com

Depending on your university or whether you’re currently in attendance, you may have just experienced spring break. 272 more words


April 5th, 2015


1. First of all, won’t the babies born in a month have the coolest birthday? 5/5/15 – good for those babies!

2. Amy Poehler…

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Boise Treefort Music Festival

So I didn’t get tickets this year, but I did see some really rad live free music!

Friday I went to PreFunk in downtown Boise and watched… 176 more words


Happy Monday!

I know that we may all be a little bit peeved at the thought of the coming weeks demands, but have no fear! Today is a new day in a new week with plenty of new opportunities just over the horizon! 259 more words