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Every Simpsons Ever Marathon

Can you believe it? There have been 600 episodes of “The Simpsons,” Fox’s long running animated television show following the family of the same name. 166 more words


Treehouse of Horror Roundup 26-27

Like most other Americans, I spent the last couple of days consumed with a different sort of nightmarish joke. But life and the days of November march on, and now that it’s ten days past Halloween, we need to wrap this up. 348 more words


Bravo Harry Shearer

Hi friends and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday post. Before getting into it, another band who has been referenced on The Simpsons has a new album out this week. 1,084 more words

The Simpsons

Treehouse of Horror Roundup 19-21

It only just occurred to me tonight (10 and a half hours into this roundup) that I could have made things interesting by collecting and crunching some Simpsons data as I watched. 455 more words


Treehouse of Horror Roundup 17-18

Just a shorty tonight, I’m afraid. Two episodes only. I needed a bit of a break from non-stop binge watching or I would wind up like Homer here. 250 more words


Treehouse of Horror Roundup 11-16

We’ve hit a bit of a rough patch. What say you, Groundskeeper Willie?

Harsh, but probably accurate. This was not a great group of episodes, although it wasn’t a complete comedic dead space. 729 more words


Treehouse of Horror Roundup 7-10

A shorter batch tonight. My stamina is already waning. And yet so far I feel really engaged with this exercise. This is fun. This group reminded me that for such a topical show, … 688 more words