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Master of Horror

Wes Craven: 1939-2015
Remembering a Horror Maestro

It took Groundskeeper Willie to make me truly appreciate Wes Craven. The Simpsons‘ 1995 Treehouse of Horror… 872 more words


S02 E03 - Treehouse of Horror

Oh man. Halloween episode! I love these so much. I mentioned in my intro post that the first episode of the Simpsons I ever watched was a Halloween one, and I’ve always had a deep affection for them. 1,140 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons

Life with the Simpsons. What choice do I have?

House: Hmm. Life with the Simpsons. What choice do I have?

Homer: Wow!

Bart: Bitchin’!

Lisa: It chose to destroy itself rather than live with us. 9 more words

Guillermo Del Toro Makes His Case To Guest Star On 'The Simpsons' As A Perfect Character

Guillermo Del Toro wants to get involved with The Simpsons Again. His Treehouse of Horror cold open a few seasons ago was special as both a tribute to his body of work and to horror/sci fi from across history. 373 more words


Homer & Marge Split??! Bart Dead??!!

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by with some “Spoiler-ish” information that’s been spreading all over the interwebs. Some details as to what will be coming up in the New Season of the Simpsons. 489 more words

The Simpsons Tapped Out