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Treeline - A Story Written In Rings

“Its not me, not my power that heals the trees. I receive teaching from the trees before I allow myself to touch them. I am very grateful for that” 177 more words



Despite being battered by the weekend’s storm, the blackthorn is just beginning to flower; you’ll find it at the top of the hill as you leave Simpson’s Field.



Green is the grass, shifting in the breeze.

Come spring, green will leaves grow on the trees.

Green is an emerald, green are the pines. 9 more words

Beauty in simplicity

I came across this old rotting fence, ready to fall over. Luckily nature is there to hold it up.


Green-wood Cemetery

Today was Shelly’s birthday, so Karen took her to a spa in Brooklyn for saunas and massages. While she did that, the kids and I went to Green-wood Cemetery, just south of Park Slope. 90 more words


In love #8

I’m in love with Shagbark Hickory trees. I see myself in their rough, hanging, falling pieces. Not ready for discard, yet falling nonetheless. Some strips falling and decomposing quickly, surrendering their riches to fertilize the hungry earth. 163 more words