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The scene in this tree family seems pretty typical – a couple of teenagers talking back to Mom.



It’s one of those places. A swamp full of tamaracks, out of the way and seldom visited by people. But snowshoe hare like it.

The dogs used to run them through the jack pines and over the bank down into the tamaracks. 90 more words


Nature | Forest 17

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By LillianEvilll

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Had a chance to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden on Thursday. The timing could have been better. The middle of the afternoon on a cloudless day is not prime time for image making… but I take what I can get, and try to make the most of it. 12 more words


La Floralie's first 12 months.

Spring breathes deeply, in and out. With rhythmic precision the seasons follow, and effect our land to rise strongly with the sun, and fall gently like the rain. 36 more words