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WPC- Ascend


1.go up or climb, “she ascended the stairs”

2. rise or move up through the air, “the lift ascended from his sight”

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Middle Cottonwood Trail   (Lower End)

If you drive out of town far enough to where you can see the milky way at night, take a right and you’ll enter an incredible canyon located inside of the Bridger Mountains. 264 more words


Poem - Universe in the Eyes

What does she see across
the snow covered field,

in the distance or nearby?
Is the coyote following us today?

Silence broken by a single raven… 41 more words


Shadow Dusk

The gentle blues confess adieu

In the still of evening light

As dancing spirits fill the sky

Like shadows in the night


A Little Snow Before Christmas

Last weekend we had some snow and since it’s December it seemed like a good time for it.  After all, it’s almost Christmas.  However, when the sun came out a few days later it warmed up and now the snow is gone.  94 more words