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Searching for Lady Portland: Trek in the Park.

It was a beautiful non-rainy day in Portland Oregon. There are thousands of people milling around in a large park. Next to me is the Genius Loci of Portland. 876 more words

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Let's take a break from history...and celebrate geekdom! This article from Dave's Corner of the Universe introduces the intriguing concept of "Trek in the Park"--live performances of Star Trek episodes in an outdoor setting, like Shakespeare. And where is this happening? Portland, of course! Why should anyone be surprised? Fun article!

Taking the Spinner out for a spin

I haven’t used my Spinner camera in a while. No excuses, I just forget about it sometimes.   It’s a fun quirky camera that I bought from Lomography for less than $100. 182 more words


Episode 28: Use Your Acting, Gary!

Sorry about your dippy host, guys.  As Ryan Castro (Checkov in Trek in the Park) put it: “Aint’ no Party like a Trek party because a Treck party drags on for five days…” 118 more words


trek in the park

Atomic Arts  is ending its five-year mission to present one episode of the original Star Trek series each summer — in the park. “The Trouble with Tribbles” is the fifth and final installment. 56 more words


Portland Kids Weekend Events: Aug 2 - 4

Summer fairs and festivals continue: This week Fremont Street celebrates and the Washington Park Summer Festival kicks off 10 days of amazing shows. The first-ever Rox in Sox Children’s Music and Book Festival celebrates music and books. 401 more words

Things To Do

Episode 024: A Five Year Journey

It’s fucking Trek in the Park season, jerks! Our Captain Kirk (Adam Rosko) and Spock (Jesse Graff) of Atomic Arts grace us with their handsome presence. 70 more words


Episode 20: The Ride of Sparkle Donkey

Despite the fact that we weren’t drinking on this episode, that’s all we talked about. Learn with Bobby Roberts about the hot new tequila, SPARKLE DONKEY. 86 more words