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Triund : The laps of Dauladhar

In the lap of dauladhar ranges, Triund Hills are the most eye catching one day trekking destination. Triund gives the magnificent view of Dauladhar range and the Kangra Valley, the highest peak being Indrahar is also a trekable summit.

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Treeless Saddles

All the horses in the pictures above are wearing Treeless Saddles .

Treeless saddles have been around in some form or another for almost as long as horses have been ridden. 581 more words

Treeless Saddles

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Interesting read, however just to clarify this site doesn't include the HM range as it is part treed, The Contact hasn't found its way in my tack room to be tested. Wintec doesn't make treeless.


What now ladies? He’s right around the corner of this map that I hold in my hands. Should I go for it? Should I move? Should I take my orienteering courses and get in shape? 42 more words


It's a VW THING you wouldn't understand

Volkswagen Type 181 / 182

‘Type 181’ / ‘Type 182’ is the official Volkswagen name. In Britain, it was the Trekker. The USA knew it as the Thing. 2,797 more words

Nichelle Nichols Returns to the Convention Circuit

You can’t keep the Queen of ‘Star Trek’ down.

Another one of my very favourite ‘Star Trek’ news sites is 1701News, run by Michael Hinman who owns  204 more words

Star Trek