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Just An Ordinary Fan Mourning For Spock

Goodbye, Mr. Leonard Simon Nimoy. You have made my late elementary school years less lonely the day I discovered Star Trek reruns in the UHF channel of the US Navy’s Far East Network, which was the only foreign channel our beat-up black and white TV could receive. 82 more words


Welcome to the Jungle, Google Maps

Google Maps’ Street View option has been letting people virtually travel down streets in cities and towns across the world since 2007.  In 2010, it added indoor spaces, in 2012, it began adding exotic, hard to reach places, and in 2014, it added views from different time periods.   427 more words


Spock, you made it cool to be different

My own little teen Spock has been ill with a cold for the last few days.
Then the news today, Spock/Leonard Nimoy 339 more words

RIP Mr. Spock

As one of the people that introduced me to Sci-Fi, I owe Leonard Nimoy a great debt. He helped to teach me how to imagine a greater future, be a great philanthropist and PROSPER! 6 more words

In The News

#5: Tiny Forest

Now a lot of people aren’t really big fans of the Monsoon in Mumbai. The relief that every Mumbaikar feels when the rains finally descend upon the city is quickly washed away by the dirty, feces laden rainwater flooding their streets and homes and what not. 230 more words


To Boldly Quilt

Hello, dear readers! As promised, this is a post devoted entirely to pictures of my Star Trek Quillow which I posted about here. Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s!” like something Star Trek, after all. 546 more words

Geektastic Fun!

Coldspring Branch/Bill Kimball Trail to El Lieutenant

This 5-mile lollipop loop hike stars El Lieutenant, a sheer 300 ft. rock face in the middle of nowhere. It is a difficult trail, but one of my favorite hikes. 753 more words