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Factors That Make Roop Kund Trek A Great Choice For Trekking Enthusiasts

There are trekking trails and then there trekking trails. Some simply offer the routine thrill and environment while some actually make the trip a truly memorable experience to be cherished for life. 391 more words


Trekking in India- Difference between Trekking and Hiking

Often used interchangeably or mistakenly for the same activities, both trekking and hiking are the forms of adventure involving physical activities including walking, climbing and so on. 264 more words


Trekkers sweat it out at Kambalakonda


Employees of Ship Building Centre and trekking enthusiasts clearing one of the routes at Kambalakonda Eco Tourism Park in Visakhapatnam on Sunday.— Photo: K .R. Deepa… 374 more words


"Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83" - Virginia Heffernan - New York Times

A comprehensive obituary by the New York Times. Apart from playing Spock, Nimoy authored poetry books, developed his skills as a photographer, and sang pop songs! 26 more words


Star Trek Into Darkness - A Non-Trekker Review

A space faring Hollywood blockbuster with twists, turns, betrayals and of course the customary laser flooded space battle (or two). But does it escape the shadow of its parent franchise or is it just another red shirt Hollywood blockbuster? 612 more words

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Lady M (Mountaineer) In Life and Love

She ain’t gonna chase after you, Sir. No she won’t. She’d rather chase after the sun. She wants you but doesn’t necessarily needs you to survive. 644 more words


Dreamer #3: The 82-year old cyclist, trekker and runner - Bylahalli Janardan.

March, 1995. Bylahalli Janardan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was sitting in the doctor’s cabin and had just been told he has Epilepsy. In a flash, he saw how the rest of his life could be – Unpredictable seizures, Lifetime medication, and the probable need for round-the-clock care. 1,587 more words