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कामणदुर्ग: संघर्षगाथा दोन रानवेड्यांची-भाग २

पहिल्या भागासाठी इथे Click करा- कामणदुर्ग: संघर्षगाथा दोन रानवेड्यांची… भाग १ 

कामणदुर्ग: संघर्षगाथा दोन रानवेड्यांची-भाग २

आम्ही आधीही एकदा अशीच परिस्थिती अनुभवलेली जेव्हा आम्ही Trekkomanics उन्हाळ्यात पुण्यातील जुन्नर भागामधल्या हडसर किल्ल्यावर Trekkला गेलेलो.  332 more words


कामणदुर्ग: संघर्षगाथा दोन रानवेड्यांची…

NOTE: Blog मधल्या काही फोटोंची Size मोठी असल्याने ते पूर्णपणे Open होईपर्यंत Time द्या आणि blog दोन भागांमध्ये मी लिहलेला आहे त्यामुळे पहिला भाग वाचून झाल्यावर सर्वात खाली असलेल्या ‘कामणदुर्ग: संघर्षगाथा दोन रानवेड्यांची- भाग २ वर click करून दुसऱ्या भागाचा आस्वाद घ्या आणि blog पूर्ण वाचून झाल्यावर तुमचं अमूल्य प्रतिसाद देयालाही विसरू नका. 326 more words


My Backyard ADVENTURE with TrekBuyFly

Nigeria is a beautiful country! I say that again, Nigeria is such a beautiful country!

It is normal to get bogged down with the hustle and bustle of Lagos and want to jet off to another big city but there’s something else to consider…”Sometimes, the adventures you’re looking for far away are right there in your own backyard” 336 more words


Access Africa with TrekBuyFly

As a Nigerian traveller or intending traveller, you must always wonder where you need visas to and where you can imply waltz in and out of. 32 more words

African Adventure

Our TrekBuyFly Nomad, ZeeGoes on an African Adventure

Uganda is a wonderful African Country, filled with history, culture and lots and lots of Adventure! It’s no wonder this is our #TBFNomad‘s destination of choice. 276 more words


Can "Star Trek: Discovery" make it out of Space Dock?

May 13th, 2005

That was the last time a new episode within the Star Trek universe aired on television. Even though it’s been twelve years since the last recorded voyages of Captain Archer and crew on “Enterprise”, the spirit of Star Trek has been kept alive with a series of fan made productions and a trio of full length movies set in a different timeline (Kelvin timeline). 376 more words


Who is the #TBFGang?

TrekBuyFly, a Social Travel Group has coined the term #TBFGang to represent every TrekBuyFly user, group, enthusiast, vendor, partner and more…

So who are we? 126 more words