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A moment.

I’m not sure it’s decisive. But, it’s a moment. In time. This dude was rolling his big wheel  and tire down the street as I was hustling from one point in the second line to another point ahead of the walkers. 111 more words

Ray Laskowitz



I reckon about now a lot of people could use one today. Or, a lot of them.

It’s Inauguration Day in The United States. It’s pretty fair to say that the entire world is nervous. 319 more words

Ray Laskowitz

A Little Bling

Second lines and drums.

The tuba may start it, but the drums fill it. And, help to set the pace. Speaking of pace, I’m a little late today. 219 more words

Ray Laskowitz

In the Middle of Things

The thing about second lines is that everyone is a participant .

Even photographers. Even the beverage vendors. And, the food vendors. None of us have permits. 421 more words

Ray Laskowitz

As They Say...

… the Tuba starts the second line.

And, so.

It should start my second line parade photo coverage. Especially when a tuba is plastered with a New Orleans sticker. 64 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Treme volunteers needed

St. Anna’s church located on Esplanade Ave. has been slowly trying to get the “Dodwell House” at 1519 Esplanade house cleaned up in order to host a fundraiser. 83 more words

French Quarter

Remembering Allen Toussaint

Commemorating the birth of the master. I think that of his more recent recordingThe Bright Mississippi stands as his best, far exceeding his posthumous American Tunes.  69 more words

New Orleans