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Danger Zone

Gold formed a swing low off the day 34 low. But has yet to deliver confirmation of a new daily cycle. Gold is close to entering the Danger Zone. 144 more words

Black Gold

Oil formed a swing low today.

The daily oil cycle peaked on day 9 and has declined since. Oil printed is lowest point on Tuesday, day 42. 64 more words

A Look at Stocks & Bonds

Stocks printed an intermediate cycle low on July 7th. After peaking on Monday, day 9, stocks dropped for 5 straight days before finding support at the 200 day MA. 210 more words

Bumpy Road, Continued ...

Last Thursday we discussed how one of the headwinds facing the Miners would be the dollar emerging from a daily cycle low.

The Miners might have begun sniffing out that scenario today … 221 more words

The 7/24/15 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar’s daily cycle peaked on Tuesday, day 21. A swing high formed on Wednesday and the dollar lost the 10 day MA on Thursday. 499 more words

Bumpy Road

The GLD ETF formed a swing low today.

The GLD ETF printed its lowest point on Wednesday, day 32, and formed a swing low today. However the swing low was not a clear and convincing swing low because GLD ended up closing lower on the day. 155 more words


We discussed here yesterday that gold is in its timing band for a daily cycle low. So we are now hunting for a swing low to signal a new daily cycle. 151 more words