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Trend Line Breaks

The market delivered some trend line breaks on Monday.

Let’s begin with gold.

The daily gold cycle peaked on day 25. While a daily swing high formed the next day, gold essentially traded sideways until Monday when gold broke below the daily cycle trend line to confirm the daily cycle is in decline. 253 more words

The 4/21/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar printed its lowest point on Thursday, following the day 10 peak. The swing low that formed on Friday signals an early daily cycle low. 222 more words

Steel Bottom

Steel is beginning to look interesting so I thought that we should take a look.

Steel formed a daily swing low on Thursday.

Steel printed its lowest point on Wednesday following the day 5 peak. 275 more words

Dollar Weakness

The dollar broke decisively lower on Tuesday.

The dollar closed below the lower daily cycle band on Tuesday. That re-afirms that the dollar is in a daily downtrend. 162 more words

Its About Time ...

Stocks formed a daily swing low on Monday.

Typically the daily equity cycle runs about 30 – 45 days from trough to trough. However, the previous daily cycle was stretched at 58 days. 249 more words

The Status of the Daily Gold Cycle

Gold formed a swing low and closed above the 200 day MA in a clear and convincing manner. I have received some emails asking if gold has begun a new daily cycle. 150 more words

Oil Breaks Higher

Last Tuesday we looked at oil.

Last week oil delivered bullish follow through to the weekly swing low. We discussed that oil needed to break above the declining weekly trend line to confirm a new intermediate cycle. 109 more words