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Unrelenting Dollar Strength


The dollar’s daily cycle peaked on day 6. With Wednesday being day 15 the dollar has assured us of a left translated cycle. Our expectation was for the dollar to break below the previous daily cycle low, producing a failed daily cycle. 279 more words

Mapping Gold's Possibilities


In the Weekend Report we discussed labeling 1/29 as an 18 day, daily cycle low. The trend line break on February 3rd helped to confirm the new daily cycle. 267 more words



Tonight I wanted to take a look at the relationship of bonds & equities and bonds & gold.


Since about mid-September bonds and equities traded inversely to each other… 110 more words

The 2/20/15 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

Although the dollar popped higher on Friday, day 6 remains as the cycle peak.


The daily dollar cycle has peaked on day 6, formed a swing high, and delivered a trend line break signaling the daily cycle decline. 167 more words

Waiting on Traction


Gold formed a swing low today.


Gold’s daily cycle peaked on day 13 and printed is lowest point Wednesday, day 31. Gold did form a swing low today. 109 more words

Miner Trouble


The Miners printed a bullish reversal today. At day 42, this is a very extended cycle, so a swing low will quite likely signal a new daily cycle. 95 more words

Intermediate Decline


Friday was day 29 for Gold’s daily cycle. Gold is getting late in its timing band to print a daily cycle low. Instead of printing a swing low, gold delivered a bearish surprise on Monday. 242 more words