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Buy Signal Negated

The cycle band buy signal was negated on Thursday.

On Wednesday stocks formed a swing low above the upper daily cycle band. This signaled that stocks remain in a daily uptrend and delivered a cycle band buy signal. 64 more words

Daily Cycle Decline

On Tuesday, stocks confirmed their daily cycle decline.

Stocks closed below the 10 day MA and also broke below the daily cycle trend line to confirm that the daily cycle is in decline. 80 more words

The 6/08/18 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar printed its lowest point on Thursday, day 36, placing it late in its timing band for a DCL. Friday’s swing low signals a new daily cycle. 271 more words

Stocks Deliver More Sell Signals

Stocks delivered more sell signals on Thursday.

Bearish divergences are beginning to develop on the oscillators. Thursday was day 24 for the daily equity cycle. While stocks printed a new daily cycle high, they also closed lower on Thursday. 65 more words

The 6/01/18 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar formed a swing high on Wednesday and broke the daily cycle trend line on Thursday to signal the daily cycle decline. … 241 more words

Equity Cycle Update

After peaking on day 13 stocks trended lower, printing its lowest point on Tuesday, day 17. Stocks then formed a swing low on Wednesday, closing above the 10 day MA to signal that day 17 is a half cycle low. 101 more words

The 5/25/18 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The new high on Friday, day 25, locks in a right translated daily cycle formation.

Friday was day 25, placing the dollar in its timing band for a DCL. 181 more words