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Not Yet Convinced

Stocks closed once again at new all time highs. The daily equity cycle broke above the previous daily cycle high on Monday, which confirmed the new daily cycle. 156 more words

A Shot Across the Bow

Stocks have struggled since closing at new all time highs.

Stocks closed at an all time high on Monday. Stocks went on to print a higher high Tuesday, before closing lower. 116 more words

Clear & Convincing

The bullish follow through today on the dollar delivered a clear and convincing trend line break to confirm a new daily cycle.

Not only is there a swing low and declining trend line break on the daily chart, but also on the weekly chart as well. 211 more words

The 5/19/15 Morning Update

The dollar is delivering more bullish follow through.

The dollar printed its lowest point Thursday, following the day 11 peak. A swing low formed on Friday. 47 more words

A New Daily Cycle

The cycle count was unclear when we last looked at the daily equity cycle.

Stocks formed a bearish reversal on day 21 that sent stocks dipping below the 50 day MA. 183 more words

The 5/15/15 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar


The dollar’s daily cycle peaked on day 11, lost the 50 day MA and proceeded its daily cycle decline.


The dollar printed its lowest point on Thursday, day 34. 194 more words

Getting Late

Thursday was day 34 for the dollar’s daily cycle. It is getting late in its timing band to print a daily cycle low.

The daily cycle peaked on day 11 and has been in decline since. 209 more words