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Stocks Confirm A New Daily Cycle

On Monday we observed that stocks formed a swing low and were in their timing band for a daily cycle low.

Monday’s swing low was the first signal that stocks formed a daily cycle low. 85 more words

The 2/09/18 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar pierced the declining trend line to confirm that Friday was day 11 of the new daily cycle.

The new high on day 11 begins to shift the odds towards a right translated daily cycle formation which would indicate that an intermediate cycle low has formed. 228 more words

Blue Light Special

Approximately every 20 to 25 weeks stocks decline into an intermediate cycle low. It is sort of like having a Blue Light Special. Stocks are currently setting up for another intermediate cycle low. 94 more words

Foreshadowing a Profitable Turn

Stocks formed a swing high and closed below both the accelerated trend line and the 10 day MA to confirm that the daily cycle is in decline. 118 more words

Cycle Band Buy Signal for Energy

Energy is a daily uptrend.

Energy closed above the upper daily cycle band in late November to begin its current daily uptrend. Since then the uptrend has been characterized by peaks above the upper daily cycle band and swing lows occurring above the lower daily cycle band. 125 more words

Miner Decline

Wednesday’s bearish reversal off of the day 23 high eased the parameters form forming a swing high. The Miners delivered bearish follow though on Thursday by breaking lower to form a swing high. 153 more words

The 1/12/18 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar closed above the 10 day MA on Tuesday to signal a new daily cycle. However the dollar did not confirm a new daily cycle. 259 more words