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S.O.S. Signal

Stocks closed below the upper daily cycle band on Wednesday to confirm that it was day 60 of an extended daily cycle.

Stocks formed a swing low on Thursday. 174 more words

Bullish Expectations

We have been discussing the status of the daily equity cycle in regards to whether day 45 hosted a daily cycle low. Last week we listed what needed to occur for us to change the labeling.
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The 11/10/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar printed an new high on Tues, day 17, assuring us of a right translated cycle formation.

The dollar formed daily swing high and closed below the 10 day MA on Thursday. 229 more words

Potential Miner Change in Expectation

The Miners formed a daily swing low on Monday.

The Miners printed their lowest point on Friday, following the day day 9 peak. At 24 days, that placed the Miners in their timing band to form a daily cycle low. 238 more words

A Miner Question

The Miners printed a lower low on day 18 and then formed a swing low on Monday. The Miners then broke below the day 18 low on Friday. 212 more words

Are Stocks Waiting on Transports to Get In Gear?

Stocks have been in a daily uptrend. The daily equity cycle peaked on day 43, then formed a swing high and broke below the daily cycle trend line to print its lowest point on day 45. 188 more words

Energy to Confirm New Daily Cycle

Energy emerged from its yearly cycle low and rallied close to 13% before peaking on day 35. Then it formed a swing high and drifted lower until printing its lowest point on Friday. 97 more words