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The 10/21/16 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar continued to rally this week and printed a new high on Friday, day 31.

This daily cycle is stretched and overdue for a daily cycle decline. 163 more words

Miner Bullish Signals

The Miners printed their lowest point last Tuesday, 10/11, following the day 2 peak. While a daily swing low formed the following day, we were waiting on a bullish signal to indicate a new daily cycle. 146 more words

The 10/14/16 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar continued to rally this week, closing at its weekly high on Friday.

Friday was day 26 for the daily dollar cycle. That places the dollar in its timing band to seek a daily cycle low. 304 more words

Failed Daily Cycle

Stocks broke below their previous daily cycle low on Thursday, forming a failed daily cycle.

Thursday was day 23 for the daily equity cycle. That leaves stocks 7 days shy of entering its timing band for a daily cycle low. 208 more words

The 10/07/16 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

Friday’s bearish reversal signals that start of the daily cycle decline. A break below 96.40 forms a daily swing high.

Regardless if day 14 hosted an early DCL, the dollar is either in its timing band (day 21) or very late (day 35) to begin a daily cycle decline. 235 more words

Looking for a NATGAS Daily Cycle Low

NATGAS closed below the upper daily cycle band on Thursday to begin its daily cycle decline.

NATGAS printed its lowest point on Monday, day 18, following its day 10 peak . 90 more words

The 10/01/16 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

Since the dollar was rejected by the 200 day MA it has been contained by both the the 10 day MA and the declining 50 day MA. 191 more words