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Gold Getting Close ...

Gold is getting close to forming its daily cycle low. Close but no cigar …

Gold’s daily cycle peaked on day 25 and then went on to print its lowest point last Thursday, day 36. 221 more words

Narrow Range Day for the Dollar

The dollar broke out to a new high on Monday before reversing lower to to print a narrow range day.

Monday was day 21 for the dollar’s daily cycle. 54 more words

The 7/22/16 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar printed a new high on Friday, day 20, assuring us of a right translated daily cycle formation.

At 20 days, the dollar has entered its timing band to seek a daily cycle low. 121 more words

Daily Cycle Decline Continues

Bonds formed a daily swing high on Monday. Bonds closed convincingly below the daily cycle trend line on Tuesday confirming their daily cycle decline.

Wednesday’s rally appears to have set the declining cycle trend line. 151 more words

Dollar Delivers Bullish Signal

The dollar closed above the 200 day MA on Monday.

The dollar has been caught in a range for the past 9 trading days. Regaining the 200 day MA on Monday delivers a bullish signal. 114 more words


Stocks formed a swing low on Monday.

The daily equity cycle peaked on day 13, formed a swing high the next day and then declined. Stocks printed their lowest point last Thursday, day 19, forming a bullish reversal candle. 201 more words


Stocks printed a bullish reversal on Thursday.

Stocks declined after peaking on day 13. Thursday’s bullish reversal has eased the parameters for forming a daily swing low. 183 more words