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The 4/24/15 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar’s daily cycle peaked on day 11. It lost the 10 day Moving Average on day 14 and has not been able to regain it. 264 more words

Stocks Deliver Bullish Surprise

At week 27, stocks are due to roll over into an intermediate cycle decline. The first step to do so would be to print a failed daily cycle. 141 more words

Squeeze Play

The intermediate equity cycle peaked back in February on week 19. Then it formed a weekly swing high indicating that it began its intermediate cycle decline. 175 more words

Miner Bullish Sign

The intermediate Miner cycle peaked on week 11. The it rolled over declined and printed its lowest point in early March on week 18. We have since been awaiting confirmation of a new intermediate cycle. 147 more words

Different Directions

The dollar’s daily cycle peaked on Monday, day 11. The swing high that formed today makes it appear that the dollar is about to embark on its daily cycle decline. 161 more words

Right on Cue

I have had a few emails inquiring about the count of the daily equity cycle, wondering if today was day 22 or even day 48. While we have our daily cycle count at day 11, we cannot rule out the possibility that today was either day 22 or day 48. 214 more words

Russia -- Revisited

Back on 12/16 we discussed the Russia ETF. What piqued our interest was that the RSX printed over 8 times its normal volume that day. The RSX appeared to be in a free fall, as depicted below with a chart from 12/16/14. 234 more words