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Possible Reversal

Stocks continued lower today, breaching the intermediate cycle trend line. Stocks ended up recovering a bit and closed above the intermediate trend line. This presents us with some different possibilities. 194 more words

More Bearish Clues

Stocks delivered bearish follow through today.

The daily equity cycle peaked on day 8 and formed a swing high on day 9. Losing the 50 day MA on day 10 is another clue to this daily cycle forming as a left translated cycle. 47 more words

Shot Across the Bow

Stocks emerged out of what appears to be a shortened 26 day, daily cycle low. Stocks regained the 50 day MA and continued higher through Monday, day 8. 166 more words

Don't Look Now

The CRB peaked last summer and then proceeded to drop steadily. A bullish weekly reversal printed in late January hinting that the beat down was over. 252 more words

Miner Fun

I wanted to have a little fun looking at the Miners. So let’s begin by looking at a 12 year chart of the Miners.

There are two important things that stand out to me. 239 more words

The 3/20/15 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar printed a higher daily cycle high on Monday. A swing high formed on Tuesday. The dollar then delivered a clear and convincing break lower on Wednesday, confirming the daily cycle decline. 270 more words

Some Things to Watch

The markets are still digesting the Fed statement from Wednesday. Here are a few things that I am watching.

The dollar’s daily cycle peaked on Monday, day 13. 216 more words