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Close, But No Cigar

The Miners came close to forming a daily swing low on Friday.

Close, but no cigar …

The Miners rallied on Friday to gain 1.12% on the day. 214 more words

The 9/22/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar finally broke above the declining trend line on Wednesday to confirm that day 26 hosted the DCL.

The dollar’s highest point so far was Wednesday, day 8. 233 more words

Bonds Beginning to Become Bearish

The daily bond cycle peaked on day 29. A swing high formed two days later. Then bonds broke below the daily cycle trend line on day 32 to confirm the daily cycle decline. 204 more words

Hunting a Miner Buy Signal

Monday was day 49 for the daily Miner cycle, placing the Miners late in their timing band for a daily cycle low.

The last 3 daily miner cycles ran 53, 39 and 45 days respectively. 64 more words

The 9/15/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar printed it lowest point the previous Fri, placing it in its timing band for a DCL. However the dollar failed this week to break above the declining trend line to confirm a new daily cycle. 228 more words

Miner Temptation

Thursday was day 47 for the daily Miner cycle. That places the Miners deep in their timing band to form a daily cycle low. Thursday’s bullish print eases the parameters for forming a swing low. 247 more words

Gold Update

Currently gold is in a daily uptrend and will continue in its daily uptrend unless it closes below the lower daily cycle band. However the swing high and close below the 10 day MA to signals that gold has begun its daily cycle decline. 155 more words