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Bypassing iOS authentication

Trend Micro’s blog article Siri’s Flaw: Apple’s Personal Assistant Leaks Personal Data  outlines a number of scenarios where an attacker might be able to take advantage of Siri’s ability to bypass authentication if Siri is not disabled on the lockscreen. 19 more words


Has Microsoft Really Rebuilt its Security Cred?

Microsoft was once a running joke in the security world because of all the security patches it issued for its products. But CEO Satya Nadella now insists that his company has regained its long-lost credibility in security. 852 more words


New Cyber Evidence Further Implicates Russia in the Downing of Flight MH17

Initially, Russian separatists were proud of shooting down flight MH17 over Ukraine. Russian separatist leader, Igor Girkin, bragged about it on Russian social media site, Vkontakte, saying, 1,315 more words

Trend Micro... Not So Trendy Pickpockets

Cheer Peppers It’s Nano Poblano Day 5

There is a trend among some merchants these days to save your billing info whether or not they inform you and then attempt to re-bill you to renew their product.   444 more words

Nano Poblano

Cisco just spent millions on this hot security company

Cisco’s big bet on cybersecurity rolls forward.

The networking giant on Tuesday said that it plans to buy security company Lancope for $453 million in cash. 350 more words


HIPAA Isn't Helping! In Fact It May Be Hurting!

HIPAA Isn’t Helping

If You Want To Help Sure Up Security, Start With HIPAA

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ll be interviewing Marc Haskelson later today, Founder and President of The… 723 more words

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