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Trend Micro reports vulnerability that can put Android Devices dead

Trend Micro has discovered vulnerability in Android that can render a phone apparently dead and silent, unable to make calls, with a lifeless screen. This vulnerability is present from Android 4.3 Jelly Bean up to the current version, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. 122 more words


Bulletproof Hosting Services that Fuel the Cybercrime Underground

Online crime is a hugely lucrative industry. Even conservative estimates reveal the total cost of cybercrime on a global scale to figure in the hundreds of billions of dollars. 1,000 more words


Twitter, and Hacking Team

This blog isn’t attempting to cover ALL firmware news issues. I presume you’re reading about elsewhere, and don’t need this blog to tell you about. Especially stories that make it ‘mainstream’, like the recent Apple EFI vulnerability, or the recent Hacking Team’s use of UEFI in their malware. 133 more words

First Java zero-day in two years exploited by Pawn Storm hackers

Another zero-day vulnerability is being exploited in attacks spotted in the wild: this time, the targeted software is Java.

The flaw was spotted by Trend Micro researchers, who are closely monitoring a targeted attack campaign mounted by the economic and political cyber-espionage operation Pawn Storm. 180 more words

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Adobe Is Patching A Hole The Hacking Team Used To Exploit Flash

Many companies have best practices and the Hacking Team, the “computer security experts” who sold hacking tools to various federal and state agencies around the world, are no exception. 213 more words


Brazilian Malware Kingpin Is a 20-Yr Old Student

The developer and creator of a malware that spawned over a hundred banking Trojans has been revealed to be a 20-year old college student in Brazil. 494 more words