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Secure your stay in the Cloud with Trend Micro.

How do you secure your cloud infrastructure and Data Center? Are you using private cloud or in some cases hybrid cloud to restrict access to your critical resources in the cloud? 297 more words


More Ottawa hires to come at thriving Trend Micro, chief executive says

More than nine years after acquiring a promising Ottawa startup, the chief executive of Japan-based Trend Micro Inc. says she is still excited about the group in the nation’s capital and plans to add to it are underway. 532 more words


How to create a missing log file on an Isilon when IWSVA (ICAP) can't write to it.

Isilon Syntax to try a create the log file

cd /var/log

ls -l|grep isi_avscan*

what it should be is:


what it is asking about is: 32 more words


How to increase timeout values on an IWSVA (ICAP) appliance

Timeout Value Resolution / Adjustments

To avoid the update failure notification, increase the time interval between retries:

1.Open /usr/iwss/lib/aucfg.ini.

2.Look for the section and add the line “retry_delay”. 66 more words


How to enable logging on an IWSVA (ICAP) appliance

ICAP Log Enabling on ICAP Appliances

cd /var/iwss/
vi intscan.ini
**to replace a value underscore the value by using the arrows and press r to “replace” and then type the value… 18 more words


The New Kidnappers

Remember the good old days when criminals hacked into your computer to steal your bank and personal information and they did it discreetly, so that you didn’t notice the theft for days, weeks, or years? 452 more words


Migrating SBS 2011 to Windows 2012 R2


Guess I am like the cobbler’s kids who didn’t get their shoes when everyone else did.  I am the last of my clients, save one, to migrate off SBS and onto Windows 2012 R2 Standard.  753 more words

SBS 2011