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Striking The Right Cord

Let’s face it, corduroy has a rep as one of the most unsexy fabrics of all time. Even the name sounds uptight and stuffy. Corduroy is basically a form of ridged velvet but while velvet got invited to all the best parties in town, cord became the uniform of choice for professors and geography teachers alike. 334 more words


London Print Design Fair 2017 Favourites

So, as a designer, I travel around the world to textile fairs and design fairs. The London Print Design Fair is one of those. These are just a collection of my favourites that caught my eye at this year’s Print Design Fair. 20 more words


The return of power dressing

Power dressing is making a comeback. Smarter, more put together looks mark a re-balancing of the fashion landscape after a period of mass casualisation. It makes sense, in times of turmoil, consumers are seeking comfort and a sense of empowerment. 786 more words


Trend Watch: Witchy Wonders

Halloween is in less than a week and we’re doing a whole style take on all witchy, gothy and gypsy-inspired style trends over the next few days. 115 more words


Perfume Trend Report 2017

We’re officially in quarter four of 2017 and what a year it has been. By my count there has been at least 20 million fragrance launches this year, but I do have a tendency to exaggerate. 1,671 more words


Standouts from Episerver Update

Last week I crashed the party at the Episerver family reunion to get some updates on the state of omnichannel and digital business development in Denmark and beyond. 492 more words


The Year of the Loo

As a Designer, I am confronted with trends all day long.  Keeping up with them, learning them, deliberately ignoring them, interpreting them, and occasionally loving them (hello, millennial pink!). 459 more words

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