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Sundays are for Selfies!

I’m off to do a bit of trend spotting at the mall! It’s a nice day out here and I’m so excited to wear this super cute T-shirt dress! 19 more words


Trend Spotting : : : PARIS

I’ve been seeing a lot of couples that have a similar aesthetic, recently. I think that it comes from the idea of androgynous clothes. Both genders can make clothing choices that reference the other. 345 more words


Trend Spotting // PARIS

This adorable young Parisian rocks all her trends from the neck up.  People have been going crazy with dying their hair and this girl does an amazing job of rocking her red ombré hair.   629 more words


Trend Spotting //// PARIS + LONDON

She is so Parisian! Look at her flat ballet shoes, and her mustard colored long, chiffon skirt. I think she is leading the trend of wearing leggings with those shoes instead of opting for stockings.  532 more words


Random Books: Einstein's Dreams & Non Obvious


Non-Obvious & Einstein’s Dreams

Authors: Rohit Bhargava/ Alan Lightman

Genre: Things I Read Just Because J

Rating: Non-Obvious B/ Einstein’s Dreams A+

Sometimes one book leads to another leads to another and this was one of those times. 422 more words