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Trend Spotting

In this Trend Spotting segment I want to share things I stumble upon, that I think are totally awesome or delicious, and just want to share with y’all. 444 more words


15. 3 healthy habits.

Hi guys. This is day 15… So far..so good

Three of my healthy habits.

1.i always have coconut oil around. It is my go to remedy for amost anything. 66 more words


Birthday post!! 8th February 2017 💝💕🎂🎁🎉🎊🎀

Its no news that 8th February is my birthday and in my opinion, its supposed to be public holidays…nobody should be working on my birthday…jokes😂😂😂 279 more words


Thigh high boots- Start this year off fashionably

Thigh high boots have been all the rage this past year. From suede to leather, and every color you can imagine is in the market. They can either finish the look in a grungy manner, or make the whole outfit chic. 117 more words

Chokers- The perfect style statement for this season

Chokers have invaded our accessories closet since autumn, and just when you think you have seen every style available, new, gorgeous designs are introduced. I, for one, am huge fan of chokers, I think they round off the outfit perfectly and provides a edgy and sophisticated look. 145 more words

Trendspotting: How to slay in a turtleneck

Winter is upon us and with it comes the horrible weather. But don’t be worried because we can know now slay in turtleneck sweaters with inspiration thanks to the Hadid sisters. 124 more words

What is Normcore?

According to Wikipedia, “Normcore is an unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, normal-looking clothing.”

Yes Wiki is correct But what do unpretenious and normal-looking clothing mean? 303 more words

Trend Spotting