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Taking social world with a storm, ChunniLal Mega Mart

Patna: Providing over 100 brands under one roof, ChunniLal Mega Mart has almost everything one need for all the age category of male and female.  216 more words

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The Powers of Young Girls to Change the World

Commentaries, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the Reuben Glick Little League Baseball Park, the sectional competition was held there.  The Little League teams from six states fought hard, for that championship trophy under the scorching sun, and the winning team will represent the Midwest Region in William Porter World Series games. 708 more words

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When Thin Becomes a Synonym of Beautiful

I for one, would be, “dubbed” UGLY, not that I’m fat or anything like that, because I’m NOT thin, lost some weight, but………

When thin becomes a synonym of beautiful, and this will cause a TON of problems for the generations of younger men and women, as they’d become, more prone to the “attacks” of anorexia and bulimia nervosas. 182 more words


The Real Cats Were Abused, as the Virtual Pets Were Treated Like Pets

These are the wayward modern day values that we’re currently seeing right now, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

I felt panicky, seeing how in short periods of time, students from N.T.U. 458 more words

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Lived Their Virtual Lives, at the Cost of Their Real Lives

Yes, we have here, a “web” addict, you know, those people, with the electric wires directly, “jabbed” into their blood vessels, and the other end of that cord connected, to the computers???   335 more words

Adults Misbehaving