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The Targeted Population of Scam Artists: Those Who’d Just Started Working, Those Who Had Just Graduated from Middle and High Schools

After a statistical measure was conducted, this, is the results of the targets of the scam artists, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Results from the Investigations Done by the Hsinbei Police Department Found: the Age of the Victims of Scams are Younger These Past Two Years, There Were More Cases of “Identity Thefts”, and More Women Scammed Than Men. 440 more words

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Zenith Money Market Fund: Investment made easy

By Bewaji Emmanuel – 24/9/2017

Realise your future
goals with a plan
that starts today.
Zenith Money Market Fund
is targeted at investors seeking… 103 more words

Malaysia Airlines - Kuala Lumpur to Phuket, Economy Class - Boeing 737-800

This International flight on Malaysia Airlines (MH) is pretty short, taking around the same time it took for me to fly domestically from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, but the service is even better. 436 more words


Pastels & pleats! 

Pretty pleats? Yes please! And what if it’s in pastel color, double Yess!! 😍
You gotta admit, there’s something instantly comforting & soothing about pastel hues. 166 more words

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The Sorrows of Japanese Parents: Needing to Save Up Five Million JPY for Their Daughter Who Lives Inside a Cocoon

Trending N-O-W, from the International headlines from the papers here, translated…

Inside Japan, there are over half a million “cocooners”, they’d locked themselves inside their homes, refused to go out, to find work, or establish contact with the outside world, and just lived off of their parents, or lived off of government assistance, and, as these “cocooners” slowly marched into their midlife years, their parents began worrying, that they would need to save up more money, so their children will NEVER have to “go outside”. 639 more words

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There’s an Increase in Juvenile Scam Artists, and Setting a Heavy Fine Won’t Cure the Problem

Trending now, and it’s not the good kind of a trend either!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The younger generations were originally the prospect of the nation’s futures, but because they were enticed by the money, and were, used by the scam rings, and worked as the pawns that went out to withdraw the money from the ATMs, although the government proposed a more severe punishment, but, in recent years, these younger generations of scam artists were increasing by the number, becoming the worries of this country, and, there’s the need of the parents, the families, working with the schools, to prevent this. 466 more words

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Taking You to School, Holding Your Hands, the Thoughts of a Mother

You’d become, a stay-at-home, full-time mother now, translated…

At the end of April, with the support from my family, I’d sent in my resignation, and terminated my ten years’ worth of teaching post in a private school, and focused on my given work—being a mother.  605 more words

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