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"AlDub" and Eat Bulaga's "KalyeSerye": Reel Love In The Time Of Social Media

It’s been on many TV screens back home in the Philippines during lunch time. And on even more TV screens of fellow Filipinos living elsewhere around the world. 1,003 more words


My Child Cycled Around the Island, on Parent-Child Interactions

Allowing the child to STRIKE out on her own, teaching the values of self-reliance and independece, translated…

In the past summers, my husband and I would always take my kids abroad, or find a place in Taiwan to travel to.  348 more words


Life After Retirement, the Beginning of Self-Discovery

There IS life AFTER retirement after all!!!  Translated…

At the start of my retirement, I was somewhat worried, there’s not that sense of elation that people say there would be, just this relief, how I’m no longer chased by the stresses from work.   431 more words


Fall Lipstick Colors We Love

Whether you like to wear your lipsticks a little sheer or you like to wear them thicker, we highly recommend BITE’s Frozen Berry Collection for the Fall.   341 more words

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She, Who Floated Over from the Seas


It was three-thirty in the morning, there was, a dough, ready, on the work counter, that was, getting worked, by a pair of strong hands, kneaded, into smaller squares, waiting, to be placed, in the steaming basket, to become buns. 724 more words

The Consequences Of Life

On the Matter of Last Names

The mind of a woman, translated…

Been married three years now, Ms. He is still somewhat, resistant to others calling her “Mrs. Hsia”.

Don’t get me wrong, Ms. 496 more words

Properties Of Life

Air-Conditioning, a Short Prose


In the hot summer sun, gone into the traditional marketplace to shop, dragged along the sets of vegetables, meats, fishes, fruits, step, by step, each step, wrong, in the acres and acres of abandoned midlife, with a kilogram of breathing hard, a ton of sweat rolling down your faces.   73 more words

Experiences Of Life