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कच्चे तेल में गिरावट, कमोडिटी में कहां लगाएं दांव

आज कच्चे तेल में गिरावट आई है और घरेलू बाजार में इसका दाम करीब 1 फीसदी फिसल गया है। दरअसल अमेरिका में कच्चे तेल का भंडार 24 लाख बैरल बढ़ गया है। इस बीच सऊदी अरब ने भरोसा दिया है कि वह ईरान की वजह से मार्केट में क्रूड की सप्लाई में कमी नहीं होने देगा। वहीं डॉलर भी 1 महीने की ऊंचाई पर है। ऐसे में ग्लोबल मार्केट में क्रूड की कीमतों पर दबाव बढ़ गया है और ब्रेंट का दाम 72 डॉलर के नीचे आ गया है। 9 more words

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Commodity Market-Gold Rate Today: Gold lacklustre on rise in equities, low spot demand

Gold lost shine in futures trade on Wednesday as positive sentiment in the equity market dented the appeal of safe-haven metal.

Weak global cues, low demand by jewellers at the spot market and an uptick in rupee’s value against the US dollar also weighed on the yellow metal. 121 more words

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Tagaytay is the New Growth Area for Laundry. Before You Invest, Consider These 4 Challenges First.

Like many cities, Tagaytay is experiencing a boom in tourism and business activities, which is good news for the laundry industry.

With huge demand for hotel rooms, restaurant services, wedding caterers and other hospitality services, these businesses are relying on a growing number of laundry shops to wash and provide their daily linen and uniform requirements. 348 more words

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Jazzy Report: Nose Hair Extensions Are A Thing Now

Some trends are super cute and fun, but there are others that should never even exist. For example….nose hair extensions. Seriously! They’re a thing now! People are using individual lash extensions and gluing them to the inside of their nostrils to give the appearance of more nose hair. 49 more words

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Colors That Go with Brown Leather Furniture

Brown leather furniture gives any space a luxurious feel and complements almost any decorating style, from traditional to modern to contemporary. Neutral browns play well with a variety of hues to create a soothing environment, or they can liven up a palette with energy. 537 more words

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