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Okay I Guess The Raiders Are Not Back And Now Their Fans Are Fighting Each Other In The Stands

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The Falcons had the Raiders fans fighting each other today. 😂 pic.twitter.com/QQnSVFfw68

— Everything Georgia (@GAFollowers) …

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Colin Kaepernick, Day 19: This is how you dig a hole

This past Sunday morning on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” there was a discussion regarding Colin Kaepernick and the role players can and should play in societal issues. 635 more words


Skip Bayless Hammers Trent Dilfer's 'Plantation Mentality' National Anthem Remarks

If you’re following the Colin Kaepernick national anthem drama closely, you already know we are now at the point of the controversy where we talk about what other people have said about The Thing that happened what by now feels like months ago. 524 more words


Skip Bayless rips Trent Dilfer: 'That smacks of plantation mentality'

ESPN’s Trent Dilfer, a former quarterback himself, doesn’t like Colin Kaepernick’s protest. He said that Kaepernick’s job was to support his team and that he was stealing the spotlight and distracting from football by taking a stand against social issues. 387 more words


A respected name in sports thinks he knows why Kaepernick is protesting, and it’s not flattering

Tony La Russa has come up with maybe the most damning take on why Colin Kaepernick continues to protest the national anthem—to keep his name in the headlines. 346 more words


Trent Dilfer Responds To Colin Kaepernick By Refusing To Back Down From His Comments

Even as Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem has spread to other players and teams, helping to legitimize it as a valid act of political conscience now that it’s divorced from its perception as… 563 more words


Skip Bayless rips former ESPN colleague over the Colin Kaepernick controversy

It looks like Trent Dilfer’s comments on the Colin Kaepernick have irked some of his former co-workers.

On his Undisputed show with Shannon Sharpe on FS1, Skip Bayless completely ripped into… 318 more words