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Word of the Day: Pundit

A pundit is an expert on a subject, often one that gives an opinion.

Fun fact – It is derived from Hindi and Sanskrit words meaning learned or wise. 36 more words


I Thought I Was Done

I thought I was done writing about race relations and protests against our National Anthem, at least for a while, but this past month I’ve seen and read so much misleading information, on those hot button topics; therefore, I’d like to set the record straight. 1,484 more words

10 NFL Players Who Shook Off The 'Bust' Label

The NFL is well-known for having a very short window in giving players time to develop and reach the expectations people have for them. It only took one week of the 2016 season for critics to label #1 overall pick Jared Goff as a ‘bust’. 162 more words


The Dude vs. The NFL - A Look Back into the Archives

I’ve been in a writing funk recently, so I’m going back to my old (and original) blog from 2007 for some material.  I feel this entry is an apt one to repost, since my favorite football team played on Thursday and today I was left adrift with NFL games I truly didn’t want to watch.   1,263 more words

Okay I Guess The Raiders Are Not Back And Now Their Fans Are Fighting Each Other In The Stands

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The Falcons had the Raiders fans fighting each other today. 😂 pic.twitter.com/QQnSVFfw68

— Everything Georgia (@GAFollowers) …

607 more words

Colin Kaepernick, Day 19: This is how you dig a hole

This past Sunday morning on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” there was a discussion regarding Colin Kaepernick and the role players can and should play in societal issues. 635 more words


Skip Bayless Hammers Trent Dilfer's 'Plantation Mentality' National Anthem Remarks

If you’re following the Colin Kaepernick national anthem drama closely, you already know we are now at the point of the controversy where we talk about what other people have said about The Thing that happened what by now feels like months ago. 524 more words