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301 to 308 of #365DessertsIn2017: That moment when things reach the next level...

For the most part, Bangalore’s desserts have been in the above-average-to-good range. They’ve been tasty enough to sate my sweet cravings, but not necessarily memorable enough to inspire eulogies of wonder. 1,266 more words


Yay for the dulce de leche and three cheers for the tres leche – that’s literally all I had in the joke department and I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for not only typing it, but allowing myself to post this anyway! 1,647 more words


60 to 64 of #365DessertsIn2017: Celebrating the addition of new options to the chocolate-pineapple 'standard'

There are some desserts you can’t go wrong with. But does that put more pressure on their makers? If you can’t go wrong with something, you almost have to add a uniquely exhilarating twist to make it  1,253 more words