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Trap Artist Très Remixes French Singer Brigitte Bardot's "La Madrague"

“La Madrague” aka Trap.

Tres Mortimer, née Kevin Fronckiel, is a Polish-American DJ/producer, who develops beats routinely as a living. This 2 minute and 14 second creation is something sweet, melodic, soothing, and erotic in that nostalgic, seductive bubble-gum kind of way. 298 more words


First Look At 'ARQ', Netflix Sci-Fi Flick Starring Robbie Amell And Rachael Taylor

Planet Earth faces a dark, dystopian future after the world’s oil supply runs out, and the only hope for humanity rests with an engineer (Robbie Amell) who’s developed a new technology that could deliver unlimited energy and end the raging conflicts that have erupted all over the globe. 159 more words


Street art Delhi style

Take a stroll around Lodi Colony, South Delhi, and you’ll get to see some of Delhi’s latest works of street art created by internationally acclaimed street artists. 426 more words

Discovering Delhi

un pasito pa delante.. un pasito pa atras...

ఒక అడుగు ముందుకి
ఒక అడుగు వెనక్కి..

ఈ తొక్కలో లైన్ కి 1, 2, 3 అని అంకెలు జత చేసి అద్బుతం ఐన పాట చేసారు.. నాలాంటి సామాన్యులకి పరిచయం చేసిన పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ కి, వాడికి నేర్పిన అసలు గురువు రికి మార్టిన్ గారికి..

Telugu Cinema

There's Always a Reason to Smile

Hello Sweet People,

I hope you’ve all been having a great time in life! I know that school has gone back and while that is totally boring (unless you’re like me and getting good grades makes your world the bomb diggity). 433 more words

Grace And Honeycomb