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Street art Delhi style

Take a stroll around Lodi Colony, South Delhi, and you’ll get to see some of Delhi’s latest works of street art created by internationally acclaimed street artists. 426 more words

Discovering Delhi

un pasito pa delante.. un pasito pa atras...

ఒక అడుగు ముందుకి
ఒక అడుగు వెనక్కి..

ఈ తొక్కలో లైన్ కి 1, 2, 3 అని అంకెలు జత చేసి అద్బుతం ఐన పాట చేసారు.. నాలాంటి సామాన్యులకి పరిచయం చేసిన పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ కి, వాడికి నేర్పిన అసలు గురువు రికి మార్టిన్ గారికి..

Telugu Cinema

There's Always a Reason to Smile

Hello Sweet People,

I hope you’ve all been having a great time in life! I know that school has gone back and while that is totally boring (unless you’re like me and getting good grades makes your world the bomb diggity). 433 more words

Grace And Honeycomb


Hey everyone! Welcome to Ambiguity! We’re a bunch of students devoted to figuring out the mechanisms of life; what really goes on behind the scenes and how  institutions influence our everyday lives, with a special focus on the simplicities of life (which are greatly disregarded). 58 more words


30 Days With Alexis Mo'Nea - day 1.

Over the next 30 days (If I can keep up) along with other things on my heart, I will be posting some of the things I talked about writing in my previous post, … 100 more words

Booklet grup Tres

Us deixo un tast de la meva col.laboració amb els amics del grup Tres per il.lustrar el seu nou disc “la sal de la mar” amb l’ajut inestimable del Jean Segovia. 32 more words