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#Cyberbullying : Tips, Resources, and More

#Bullying is an emotionally charged topic 365 days a year and the month of October is dedicated to raising awareness surrounding this phenomenon. As a seasoned educator of 15 years I spent a good portion of my time as an administrator dealing with effects of  online conflicts, bullying, and cyberbullying. 1,180 more words


Featured Fool: Zachary Quinto the Hopebearer

I’m Zachary Quinto and I want to add to the chorus of voices rising up against the kind of hatred and ridicule that led to the senseless and heartbreaking suicides of Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Billy Lucas, Tyler Clementi and Raymond Chase in just the past few month in this country.

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Backstage on Broadway: James Lecesne talks new show 'Absolute Brightness' and Trevor Project


“When I was growing up, to be homosexual was a sin, a crime and a mental illness,” James Lecesne said.

Piercing words heard all too often. 499 more words


Jonathan Bennett And Daniel Franzese Had A Mean Girls Reunion That Was So Fetch

Eleven years after costarring in one of the most beloved and frequently-quoted comedies ever made, Mean Girls‘ Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett got together for a special fundraising screening of the 2004 hit. 277 more words



Caitlyn Jenner. You can’t read world news, entertainment blogs, and social media without seeing the name. Everyone seems to have an opinion, no one really knew what to expect, and it seemed like everyone was waiting for… 738 more words

I AM CAIT: Jenner's Rebirth

Cait Jenner made her debut in the cover of Vanity Fair earlier this year. Finally, on July 26th, E! premiered I Am Cait – this is the second groundbreaking series featuring a transgender person (I Am Jazz on TLC) on a major television network. 203 more words


The Trevor Project, What We Should Do Instead of Talking

One of the first charities that I got involved with was the Trevor Project.  I am very guilty at times of discussing why political correctness is bad, and focusing on what we shouldn’t do instead of what we should. 188 more words