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Möbius, Moebius, Mobius... where is your outer side?

Ever tried to cut a paper Mobius strip in half? Or even in three parts (please along the centerline)? Well, I won’t blab this little surprise here, but try on your own! 38 more words

Claudia Schleyer

Telescope, kaleidoscope or octoscope?

Some of Lübeck’s citizens where wondering what a telescope shall tell them at the entrance of the historic city center. But sneaking a peek through the supposed to be known object they got surprised by beautiful mirrored structures. 54 more words

Claudia Schleyer

Welcoming the chaos... pendulum.

Does this look like chaos? No… not yet. But when you twist the red button, the three different discs start dancing in a chaotic way. This pendulum is an adaption to the known chaos pendulum with two single tilted metal arms. 25 more words

Claudia Schleyer

Houston? Can you hear me?

Stick your head through the opening and turn left and right. By working like a satelite dish the sound waves will be focused and you can hear the surrounding sounds increased. 10 more words

Claudia Schleyer

Pixel, pixel on the wall...

The first of the second set of ten outdoor science exhibits in Lübeck is the “Pixelwand” (pixel wall). Every exhibit in the city center (look at previous posts)  will be accompanied by an according exhibit in one of the ten city districts. 63 more words

Interactive Exhibits

Learning by Spinning.

Do you know how a centrifuge works and what it is used for? Well… most of the children we met on our press walkabout for the Wissenschaftspfad (Science Parcours) in Lübeck knew it better to explain then me. 48 more words

Claudia Schleyer

Hands up for hands on!

Hands on exhibits are made for what the name says. This pin screen exhibit explains the technique of pin scanners that are used in the medical field. 32 more words

Claudia Schleyer