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Dancing Triangles

I just love making the background the foreground and vice-versa. Such a fun way to create interesting pages!


We’ve All Seen Them — LGBT Symbols

Gay Pride Flag

Perhaps the most iconic and most recognized symbol, the rainbow flag flies in support of the LGBT movement. The simple but effect flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in June 1978. 686 more words

South Florida Gay News




Try to find the words to break a hex
For all the squares they perplex
Non you shall find in crosses of churches… 198 more words


Why Not Dangle A Lightweight Triangle From Each Ear?

These geometric hoop earrings by Lila Rice drop two inches from the ear: highly visible without looking over-the-top bulky. Available in brass and silver (antiquated or bright), their pointy, chic design somehow keeps them from tangling in your hair. 26 more words


Similar Triangles

What are Similar Triangles?

Similar Triangles are like congruent triangles but they are scaled proportionally.

Properties of Congruent Triangles

All corresponding sides are proportional and angles are equal! 134 more words

Plane Geometry

Congruent Triangles

Congruent Triangles

In simple terms, for two triangles to be congruent, they have the same shape and size, i.e., all their corresponding sides and angles are equal even if they are translated, rotated or reflected. 371 more words

Plane Geometry

Triangles #1

Triangles #1 – 20 x 20cm

pencil on paper