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The struggle within


I’m talking to my daughters granny Sunday.

Life, love and the usual rigmarole.

Because whenever we get together it’s like old girlfriends who haven’t seen each other in ages and the conversation goes on and on, and on and on. 1,351 more words

Two Polygons, One Polygon, and a Triangle

Seems kind of lopsided. But, that’s the pattern. ::shrug::


Photo Combo, Day 24: V of Trees

i thought about making a zigzag pattern of this tree (which is superbly triangular), but decided to make a V with two “moons.” Can you tell what the moons really are? They’re eggs!

Photo Combos

The Concept

My idea for these designs came about for my love of two things in particular – animals and space. The animals represent life, being grounded to earth. 86 more words


Fair Joanda

This bracelet is, for the moment, the last experiment with triangles. I named it after a boat of friends, I really like the name. It’s formed by beading six triangles together to form a hexagon. 22 more words

Beaded Jewelry