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A thank you card addressed to alt-J

I don’t have religion or spirituality. I have my reality.

I have From Under the Cork Tree for angst, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy & Watch the Throne… 388 more words


The Hidden Mind

How many triangles do you see?  2, 6 or 8?  Maybe more, could be less.  How many triangles do you see?

The Unseen, daily blog post challenge from WordPress.     347 more words

The House At The Edge Of The Forest

my hellish version

my hellish version by CT

14th January 2017

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Class 8: Triangles - Exercise 30C

Q2. State giving reasons, whether the following pairs of triangles are congruent or Not.

i) ∆ ABC in which ∠A = 50°, ∠B = 60° and BC = 4.5 cm and ∆DEF in which ∠E = 60°, EF = 4.5 cm, ∠F = 70°
     ∠C = 70, ∠D = 50
     ∠B = ∠E, ∠C = ∠F               
     BC = EF = 4.5
     Congruent by ASA

ii) ∆DEF in which ∠E = 48°, DE = 6 cm and EF = 8 cm and ∆MNR in which ∠R = 48°, MN = 6 cm and MR = 8 cm
     DE = MN, EF = MR but ∠E ≠ ∠M   Hence Not Congruent. 1,125 more words

Cute Little Table Runner...

It has been cold here in North Dakota…I’m talking bitterly cold here lately!  Highs in the -6 or -7 degree area…oh the thought is just bone chilling!!  321 more words