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Triangles are my least favourite shape.

Equilaterally the three points are still destined to meet.
But this,
Which became us,
Exceeded that.

Now as each connection grows closer between you both, 36 more words


Triangles are hard.

Today I quilted.

Well sort of. I have begun a project for our house to try and keep me busy because I’m seriously chomping at the bit to decorate. 892 more words


My scrap projects

Hi dear friends! Scraps are super fun and I have several scrappy projects going on. One of them began just yesterday.

This idea has been in my mind long time and yesterday I took some little squares I had already cut and continued cutting more 1.5″ x 1.5″ tiny squares. 345 more words


2/5 Hey guys

Soooooooo, clearly I’m back and alive, just incase anyone was wondering. I have been very very very (is that enough verys?) busy lately and I feel horrible about not posting in like… 2 freaking months. 97 more words

Cameron Toperzer


It is so easy, when taking photographs, to just see the “big picture” and forget the small details that make it what it is. so this week I am looking at triangles; how their shape fits into the bigger picture and also how it sometimes makes the big picture. 331 more words


What learning math can look like: Guessing vs. Knowing

My older son and I looked at problem 19 from the 2014 AMC 10 b this morning:

He told me that he’d solved the problem correctly this morning and it seemed like a neat problem to talk about, so I wanted to hear his solution. 130 more words