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That One Time at the Pool

First, swimming is not my favorite, I don’t suck at it and I’m not afraid of it, I just don’t like it.  There’s just something about spending gobs of time in a 25 meter pool going back and forth, you know, like those sad zoo animals, in small pens, just beating a track in the dirt back and forth…those ones.  542 more words

The bandana, numbers and a box.

The bandana!

Last week I quietly dropped some hints on Instagram about my decision for Ironman Wisconsin 2019.

“The bandana stays on!”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out! 460 more words

World Standard Distance Championships

Race Day has finally arrived.

As you may remember I wasn’t going to do this race but my husband insisted I do it ‘for fun’. As per plan he set off in the car Monday morning, full of fuel, E numbers and optimism. 1,717 more words


Second open water triathlon-Still panicking on the swim!

Cosmeston sprint triathlon 23 September 2018-Panic attack in the swim leg again! Confessions of an old and novice triathlete!

As a newcomer to the world of triathlon, I am still trying to get to grips with my fear of open water swimming in a group. 737 more words


The Comeback is Always Stronger than the Setback

When you see a girl tighten her ponytail you know something is about to go down. 403 more words


Work in Progress

It’s been more than 4 months since the accident and my operations, currently on Week 18 post-ACL+PCL reconstruction. I’ve been meaning to create a weekly progress for my recovery ever since I got out of the hospital. 1,164 more words


Race Day Preparation Checklist and Rational, Free Printable

This is what I do and if you’re at a loss, a first timer or you need to step up your game I think It’s a pretty good place to start. 1,625 more words