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Weekly review - a failed cycle and a scuba lesson

Blogging took a bit of a back seat to work last week. Twelve hour days all week (or more), even dreaming about work… Not ideal. I often wonder if I can include the time dreaming about work in my billable hours. 987 more words


OMG I cant feel my Face!! Winter is here...

So as you will know if you have read my recent posts I have picked up a slight injury a month or so ago with some stress and swelling around my LCL in my left knee.   470 more words


Hey, Hello, What's up.

Pumpkinman 2012 and Pumpkinman 2014

I don’t think I’ve formally introduced myself. If you don’t know me already, my name’s Emil Margallo. I’m 23, almost 24, graduate of Arizona State University, currently living/working in Foster City, CA. 811 more words


A second dance with 140.6 - Ironman Arizona 2015

It’s been four days since I crossed the finish line at Ironman Arizona. I’ve had plenty of time, including a long drive with traffic delays back to LA, to reflect on my experience, my preparation, and everything that goes into such an undertaking.   3,588 more words

Quick Review: Speedo Air Seal Tri Goggle

I’ve recently become comfortable with the idea of calling myself a “cyclist” in addition to “runner” and “triathlete.”  To me, that means that I actually really enjoy riding my bike, even if it’s not “training.”  I’ve even done some pure bike races, with nary a transition to be found!   436 more words


More Reasons Why Triathlon Is Good For You

I ran across this terrific summary of the qualities that athletes bring to their jobs. I sometimes sound vague when describing the positive link between my triathlon thing and my career thing so this article is going in my “Career” folder on Dropbox. 28 more words