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February Friday Funny

Say that blog post title 5 times fast…


Ok, down to business. Have you ever been called crazy for running? Have people rolled their eyes at you and basically called you insane because you do some kind of fitness activity? 286 more words


Training partners or laundry mates?

I’ve always done my own laundry for the most part. Ironing too. I’m no pro mind you. Sometimes I forget to separate the darks and lights. 1,077 more words

Seeking advice 

I’m stuck.

I mean– I’m stuck. For the last few years my world has happily involved running and for the last two triathlon training has reigned. 184 more words


Leaving negative self-image behind

Athletes can be frail beasts when it comes to the inner workings of the mind. All it takes for some people to suffer long-term effects to self-image is one difficult race. 790 more words


February Goals & Stuff

Two weeks ago I declared some goals, one of them is to lose 15 lbs. That week, I counted my calories, I weighed and measured my food, I was under my calorie goal by at least 300 every day. 358 more words

My First Full Week

My first full week of structured triathlon training completed with relative ease. Going into the week I wasn’t too concerned about the mileage, my real concern is fitting it around the shifts I work. 491 more words


Essential Kit List for a Triathlon

Now I’m not sure whether this is a post I am qualified to write, seen as I have a bit of a reputation for forgetting (or almost forgetting) essential bits of kit to most races (like bike shoes). 746 more words