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3 Steps to Completing Your First Triathlon

You can swim well enough to not sink, you haven’t ridden a bike for years but you’re sure you would pick it up again fast enough and you suffer through a run but you feel pretty good afterwards for getting off the couch. 589 more words



So 2017 has well and truly arrived and my preparations have now began for what is set to be a busy and challenging year of sporting events. 425 more words


100 days til Boston

The start of this week marked 100 days until the Boston marathon and the week also began our 100 day til London Marathon countdown too. … 477 more words

The graphic truth of strength training

The past couple weeks at the gym I got a bit more serious about lifting. The effects on my running were immediate. There was more snap in my stride and less feeling that I was on unstable. 920 more words

Toilet seat training and what it means to triathletes


Growing up in a family of four boys, there was not much call to put the toilet seat down after going to the bathroom. Had we the pleasure of a middle sister or so, the complaints might have seeped through to our consciousness. 1,827 more words


How an athlete travels

Running shoes, cycling shoes, swimwear, sun glasses, shorts, tank tops, helmets and cameras etc, etc, etc. This things are just some things an athlete has to deal with packing when travelling. 160 more words


VIDEO | Running Mojacar

Exploring the Mojacar playa and nature reserve, including the nudist beach!