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Thirty per day.  That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?  We often wait thirty seconds at a red light, check Instagram or Facebook thirty times per day, watch an ungodly number of thirty second advertisements… Seems pretty common.   151 more words


Cold, hard facts

We’ve been spending some good time on the indoor track, seeing results in our efforts. As a specific result, my wife Sue is learning the beauty of speed training and how it makes your base pace and even your race pace feel more achievable. 655 more words

Two Thousand Seventeen in Words.

Weekly Wrap. Week 2.

Good day to you all. With the luxury of Christmas and pre-New Year’s eve period behind me, 2018 and it’s first and second weeks were off to a challenging start. 2,087 more words

Mission: Save Mr. Wiggles

Wanna read the good news or the bad news first?  I’m not really sure if any of it is good news anyways, so here it is. 427 more words

I will be a GB Triathlete

My name is Dan Solly and I am a Triathlete. Last year, in 2017, I made a clear and conscious decision that I wanted to ‘up the stakes’ and commit to becoming a GB age group Triathlete. 177 more words


I need a poo! Preparing for the long run

I know, I know … This is gross but needing to go for a dump isn’t unusual when you’re out running for a long time. But there are ways to reduce the need for a number 2 and it’s worth taking note 📝. 528 more words


2018 Goals

I improved a lot over 2017. Some of my goals were to get faster on the bike and at swimming, and I’d like to think I accomplished them. 618 more words