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Getting stuff done, outside and inside

If you’re sick of indoor workouts CLAP YOUR HANDS!!

I have one of those nice, later morning work starts today. Normally I hop out of bed to get in an early workout, usually a run outside along side the sun rising over Lake Monona. 229 more words

Getting uncomfortable

This post was entirely inspired by Rather Be Runnin’ -her post was precisely what I needed to see on my feed this morning!

I’m really enjoying the challenges of the training season so far; I did my first 10-miler last weekend, which felt like a milestone run and gave me a lot of much-needed confidence. 206 more words


Countdown to madness...again


It’s been almost a year a half since I last wrote anything on this blog. And even the whopping two previous posts I didn’t even bother to share. 237 more words

Health And Fitness

A few questions answered: What exactly am I up to?

Recently, I have been asked the same few questions by several of you who (surprisingly) read my blog. Although obvious questions, I realised I have never addressed them. 893 more words


Monday Motivation: Embrace the journey

Fitness is an ever evolving thing. It ebbs and flows. Some days/weeks/months training is intense and satisfying, while at other times it’s exhausting and displeasing. And, at times, we get caught up in trying to find a “quick fix”, wanting results… 156 more words


Weekly Run-Through February 1st - 7th

I’ve decided to start documenting my work outs in more detail than just Instagram posts. Sometimes I don’t get to write everything that I’m thinking or get to share all the pictures I want to. 1,662 more words


The Weatherneck Quick Release Bandana

Over the past five years I’ve pledged money to help bring several new cycling products to market by way of Kickstarter. For those who are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a “crowd funding” website that allows individuals to pledge money to bring films, music, video games and other creative projects to fruition—those who contribute often get “freebies” such as a sample of the product or a piece of memorabilia. 398 more words