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Toilet seat training and what it means to triathletes


Growing up in a family of four boys, there was not much call to put the toilet seat down after going to the bathroom. Had we the pleasure of a middle sister or so, the complaints might have seeped through to our consciousness. 1,827 more words


Diamondback Andean Aero future?

The Diamondback Andean will be available in 2017 and was built for specifically for triathletes. Diamondback decided to throw out UCI regulations out the window when they came up with this radical new design.  224 more words

How thinking about death can liberate you from most of the stressors that are affecting your performance.

Stress and anxiety are common things in our day-to-day life and nowadays many people are turning into endurance sports such as running and triathlon to find a way to cope with stress, which occurs when there is an imbalance between a certain demand (e.g. 1,376 more words


Five ways of “making more time” and work out more efficiently

Whenever I see people complaining they don’t have time to exercise or that they wished they had more time to train better, I can’t stop thinking about the word efficiency. 887 more words


Coronis Triathletes 👍

👍👍👍Repost Coronis: Not long now, and our Coronis Triathletes will be taking on the Noosa Tri 2016! We are so excited to be Smiling for Smiddy’s major sponsor for the event, and the setting up is well under way!!! 10 more words


Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Turia Pitt.

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This weekend I will be watching with great interest the Hawaiian Ironman. The race itself, a test of endurance, mental strength and courage is a demanding 225.8 kilometre event, which involves a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride and a 42 km run. 547 more words

Women's History

Be thankful if you're not decommissioned

There are not many statistics about how many endurance athletes are forced to give up their sports due to injury or other conditions. But it happens. 1,043 more words