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Dear Drivers.....

Dear Drivers,

I’m writing this on behalf of all pedestrians and cyclist out there. We need our voices heard and I’m here to tell you what we all think as you pass us without care. 415 more words

Just Kate

Hip Pain, What a Pain in the Butt!

By Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT, OCS

Have you recently goggled “butt pain, “ “my hip hurts,” “hip pain with running,” “dead butt syndrome,” or “why can’t I run!” If you have then you are like many people that have consulted Dr. 1,135 more words


Post-race recovery: Drinking beer and eating burgers?

By: Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT, OCS

In order to avoid physical and mental burnout it is important to properly recover from any endurance event such as a marathon, Ironman event or Ultramarathon. 921 more words


Riding with the Tri Crowd

So I took off for a little ride last night, without any real desire or direction I headed out to Bluehole where I’ve been doing hill repeats of late.   434 more words

Matt Gholson

Being a BAD mommy and TriEqual News

I must be a bad mom.

I made a comment on Facebook asking about all of the eating the J has been doing these past few weeks. 424 more words


Tuney Tuesday -- Till I Collapse

Not long ago, I used to play a game on Facebook with some of my high school friends for which we created a little group, … 320 more words