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Shaping Up For a 5k

Participating in 5k comes the fulfillment realizing you can achieve what many feel to be impossible. You are not only competing against yourself, you are also contending the the clock. 226 more words

Scott Cathcart

Welcome!....and no my name is not Marvin

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by and seeing what this Marvin person has to say. Let’s start with how I got the nickname Marvin. When I was a teenager, my room was always a mess (still is….sometimes) and much to my mother’s dismay I never fully grasped the concept of cleaning my room. 515 more words

Get Insured

Bike Insurance? Do I really have to bother?

There are several instances where home insurance may not cover a bike theft or accidental damage.

From a travelling athlete’s point of view, I’ve had my fair share of instances. 545 more words


Triathletes: Use the Off-Season to Get Ahead of Injury!

By Kate Mihevc Edwards PT, DPT, OCS

Triathlon is a seasonal sport. There are several intense months of training followed by a few glorious months of the “off season.” Many of us continue to exercise during this time but at a considerably reduced rate, while some plan their next season and others literally sit on their couch and relax. 1,456 more words


That winning feeling ...

We all love that winning feeling … and it’s not always about the crossing of the line in first place either, let’s be honest most of us will never have that feeling, but more often than not it’s about getting to that line and finishing the race that gives us that buzz. 151 more words


Dear Drivers.....

Dear Drivers,

I’m writing this on behalf of all pedestrians and cyclist out there. We need our voices heard and I’m here to tell you what we all think as you pass us without care. 415 more words

Just Kate