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How Super is the Supertuck? Cycling and Descending's Fastest Positions and Should Some Be Banned from the Pro Peloton?

I use the supertuck a lot.  Hovering just above the top tube, back end against the seat post.  It’s fast.  Very fast.  Descending, I coast as I pass friends who are pedaling in the standard position.  1,261 more words


Training: COVID edition

With COVID and the resultant shelter in place orders, life sure has changed, especially on the social front. No Happy Hours. No performances. No trips. No events. 229 more words


Night Shifts and Iron Linings

This month I am working with a client in Malaysia.  For August (and early September), I have 13 meetings, lasting about 4 hours each.  While meetings are a normal part of my work, evening meetings are not.  214 more words


Camp Is Ending

All good things must come to an end unfortunately. After two weeks in Lake Placid, we are heading out. The triathlon camp ended this morning, but not after a few last epic days. 564 more words

Lake Placid

ELLT Pic of the Day: 2008

less than 360 days to the final East Luray Liars Triathlon, so lets start posting some old pictures, starting all the way back at the beginning: Rumney, NH, heading to our spot for rock climbing, for the one and only year we managed to climb outside


Good Week

Last week, I ran and walk 22 miles toward my challenge with 8 mile long run. I have made a 16.5% progress of the challenge. It was a good week because it was more running than walking and the weather was nice. 96 more words


Week of August 10 - 16, 2020

Hello Team,

It is recovery week.

Please review the schedule below for endurance training and strength conditioning:

Time Workout Sport Note Monday 109 more words
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