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First Day of School, First Triathlon, NO CEILINGS, & First Day of the Rest of Mom's Life

Today is the first time I have ever watched one of my children get on a yellow school bus. When people were awed that I homeschooled four kids, I used to tell them homeschooling wasn’t much different than doing homework together. 732 more words

Homeschool Life

Not dead yet...

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here, but I’m still alive and mostly well. I’m about eleven weeks out from the big day: Ironman here I come! 402 more words

Going The Distance

Hummingbird Triathlon

Please excuse the clouds of dust as I crack open this long-neglected blog. I have been training and racing the last few years, just not as intensely (nutshell: I’m slower).  1,011 more words

Race Reports

Nips, Sores, and More!


WEEK 24 – Monday 8/12/2019 – Sunday 8/18/2019

I was expecting to get back on track this week with very little deviance from the plan after swapping the past two weeks of training around and making a concession here and there.   742 more words


Why being an athlete doesn't mean that you live healthy

Engaging in sporting activity is often seen as a major building block of a healthy lifestyle. While this is undoubtedly true, it has to be reiterated that physical activity by itself is not enough. 270 more words


“Running is real and relatively simple… but it ain’t easy.”

So here we are, the end of another week of training, a Green week on Training Peaks and my first ever Park Run. 428 more words


Making plans for 2020

Approximately 1,300Km away, in the beautiful hills of Mont Tremblant, some of my friends are pushing their way through a 180K bike ride, having finished a 3,800M swim and will finish off their day with a 42.2K run. 268 more words