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Spreadsheets Fix Everything, Right? (or how to avoid training when scared)

I sat down today and pulled out Excel and made a dutiful spreadsheet. The litmus test in our house for how serious someone is about a project, or how much they are trying to procrastinate said project, is starting an Excel spreadsheet. 181 more words

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At 04-Dark Thirty the IMAZ Registration Line Is Hopping

It’s the Monday morning after IMAZ 2016. 

It’s 04-dark thirty. I’m trudging my way through Tempe Town Lake Park, looking for any sign of a registration line for next year’s race, when I see a line of people moving through a fence to an area hidden behind trees. 1,940 more words

Triathlon Tips & Adventures

The Value of Difficulty & The Athletic Pursuit

There’s no question that athletes, and particularly endurance athletes who train and race for hours on end, find an intrinsic value in challenging themselves. The purpose behind this pursuit of difficulty will vary from person to person, but it seems generally associated to the individual’s desire to test their mental and physical fortitude, prove to themselves or others that they can do something great, or just to become an overall better, more capable person. 540 more words

Why It Scares Me

Last night I had a very public anxiety attack, for the first time in a long while. While dressed as Blinky, the red pacman ghost. It was not my finest moment. 410 more words


Advent Challenge 2017 - Part 1 

So I have set myself a few challenges this year and put my mind and body to the test. I think we now treat Christmas as a time for spending loads of money on each other instead of time with one another. 998 more words

40 Kona Slots for 40 Years of IRONMAN

To celebrate 2018 being the 40th year of IRONMAN racing, we are offering 40 commemorative slots to the IRONMAN World Championship.


From Completely Broken to Complete- Join me for a year of bike accidents, emergency room visits, and the ultimate challenge of my lifetime

Each person’s struggles are different. It’s how we respond to them that define who we are. I hope this post helps anyone struggling with chronic sports injuries to never give up.  2,815 more words

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