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Mix And Match

By now you know I enjoy bold and colorful prints!! I love how bright colors compliment all skin-tones. That’s why I was so excited when i found this dress while thrifting at the Salvation Army. 212 more words


Afrofuturistic Fashion

According to AnOther, Afrofuristic fashion is about constructing new identities while reclaiming one’s tradition. It’s bold, daring and not restricting. It’s a form of dressing that allows one to feel connected to their roots while making a bold  statement.                     









Summer Fashion That Keeps You Looking Sophisticated and Put Together

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “hot mess” is “when one’s thoughts and appearance are in a state of disarray, but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness and beauty.” Summertime conditions the likes of heat and humidity may make “hot mess” the best look you can hope for. 461 more words

Vine Vera