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Understanding Tribal Sovereignty

The history of Indian tribes in America necessarily involves studying the continuous struggles over the boundaries of tribal sovereignty, tribal jurisdiction, and tribal property rights. Although tribes exist as extra-constitutional, self-governing entities, they are also subject to the plenary power of the U.S. 537 more words

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Documenting the Dark Side

As noted in Communications in Conflict, research–where social milieus investigate threats by obtaining primary documents that reveal the financial and organizational ties of their enemies–is the foundation of effective education, organizing and community action. 331 more words

Trump signed Pres. memo, "Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline" and "Construction of Keystone XL Pipeline"

The Dakota Access pipeline is a mostly finished construction except for the controversial section crossing the Missouri River that is dangerously close to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s source of drinking water. 1,518 more words

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Contemporary Legal Issues Facing Native Americans

The legacy of Native Americans and the U.S. Constitution continues to impact the legal status of American Indians both inside and outside of Indian Country. Tribes today stand at the threshold of an uncertain future, and the recent conflict regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline has highlighted many aspects of tribal sovereignty that need to be addressed.  498 more words

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Confronting the Black Snake at Standing Rock

by Matthew Chase

Standing Rock has not only been the latest site of struggle against the infringement of rights and environmental exploitation, but we can also glean invaluable insights into the transformative natures of power and protest. 1,083 more words

Race And Ethnicity

"Lunch with my friends took a serious turn over Standing Rock" by Jim Gray (repost). Thoughts on sovereignty, revolution and #NODAPL

Jim Gray is a prominent tribal leader, consultant, commentator and proud member of the Osage Nation. This a repost, with permission, of his reflections on sovereignty, revolution and Standing Rock. 1,100 more words


#NativeVote16 - Tom Cole forges the GOP case for tribal sovereignty

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Early on I decided to focus this #NativeVote16 project on American Indians and Alaska Natives running for office. (Instead of a broader look at the election and its impact on Indian Country.) That’s made it easier for me to ignore so much of the nonsense that’s surfaced in this presidential election year. 725 more words