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Israel had a tall ‘king’ named Saul,

‘Head and shoulders above’ them all;

But, in faith, he was least

Scared, acting as… 160 more words

Providential History

The Book of Esther – Movie Review

Persia 482 B.C. – Hadassah is talking with her uncle, Mordecai. He had a strange dream. He describes it to her. “Behold, there were earthquakes upon the earth, and in time, two great dragons came forth, ready to fight against one another. 1,392 more words

J.A. Ireland-- Author

The Things That You're Liable To Read In The Bible

Just opposite the old Jerusalem Railway Station (now turned into a restaurant and cultural complex) is a hill known as the Bible Hill. Traditionally, this hill marks the spot from which “ 1,498 more words

A battle that took patience and faith

Judges 20:19-28

God in the pervious verse had told the Israelites that Judah would go first in the attack on the tribe of Benjamin.

So the Israelites left early the next morning and camped near Gibeah. 588 more words


Israel’s plan of war with Benjamin

Judges 20:1-11

The people of the land even with thier up and down faith in God knew there was a terrible thing down in their country. 390 more words


Evil is nothing new

Judges 19:21-30

Sometimes we think that we are living in the worse times possible, but in reality since sin entered the world things have been really messed up. 628 more words


Whatever you do don't stay here!

Judges 19:12-20

To here these words, “Whatever you don don’t stay here!”, makes you get the sense of serious consciences if you stayed in that place. 533 more words