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Biodegradable Plastics Are A Sham When It Comes to Ocean Waste

When it comes to the continuing ocean waste problem, the biodegradable plastics solution is a sham. This was made clear by Jacqueline McGlade, chief scientist at the UN Environment Program during the UN environment assembly in Nairobi. 41 more words


Intelligent Waste Bins To Spruce Up Your Home Recycling

Kitchenware brand, Joseph Joseph has just added intelligent waste bins to its collection. This is all thanks to a London design studio, PearsonLloyd. They arrive in the market at a time when home recycling programs are gaining momentum and food waste management becomes a major concern. 30 more words


Did You Know That W&M has a Player in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Over the years, William and Mary has firmly established a history of producing solid NFL players and coaches. Big names such as Mike Tomlin, … 1,408 more words

Ark: Day One - Floorboards are my friend

I’ve recently got really into playing Ark: Survival Evolved with my friends and as a new map has been launched; namely: ‘The Centre’. As I and many of my friends are new to the game we’ve been crowding around our one friend who has been playing for quite a long time. 364 more words


Daily Word Meditation, Day Thirty Eight “Community”

Daily Word Meditation, Day Thirty Eight “Community” 3/18/16

by Lisa King | Friday, March 18

Community is something that until recently, I have struggled with. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a supportive and collective community, especially surrounding my art and music. 720 more words

Daily Musings Of A Madwoman


The University of Ibadan has been on strike for the past three weeks. And times like these are when you promise yourself that in your next life, if you mistakenly hear ‘NIGERIA’ while in your mother’s womb, you’ll choke yourself with umbilical cord…yes, someone actually tweeted that. 1,943 more words


My Culture: [The Zulu Clan] of South Africa.

Hi Guys,

I just had to write about my Culture. there are many things I love about my culture and one of them is the colours in the traditional wear. 190 more words