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The Powerful "Kingdom of Girls"

Mawlynnong is about 90 kilometres from the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong, India. Mawlynnong is over hundred years old, keeping the surrounding environment clean an age old tradition. 318 more words


The Bride Tribe

by Abby Parsons

At some point you got older, and the opportunities for time spent together became fewer and farther between. You moved out of the shared uni flat (where weekends together were unlimited, full of daytime cinema trips and 2-4-1 lunches) and migrated to different cities. 675 more words

Creative Non-fiction

Find Your Tribe

Despite what the movies tell you, it truly sucks when you don’t “fit in” with a group of people. For whatever reason, you just don’t vibe or click, and it can make you wonder what’s wrong with you. 316 more words

Misery loves company.

People who are unhappy find comfort in the company of others who are unhappy, too. If you happen to be a relatively happy person, they will try to bring you down so you are more on their level of misery. 317 more words

The Girl

My Clan; Scattered

Tribe. Clan. Words people use to describe those with whom they are sympatico… the group of people who share an interest, and an easy getting along. 474 more words

Day In The Life

Tea and talk

I met a girlfriend for tea and a visit this afternoon. When I get together with a good friend I always think of these two older ladies I saw one day when we were in Italy for my cousin’s wedding. 190 more words


Day By Day

As much as I was in denial at the beginning of this adventure, and a small part of me still doesn’t want to believe it. I am finding that whenever I hear about someone else dealing with cancer I feel a weird connection like, “Yup, I can relate.” I guess I am now part of this tribe. 359 more words