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Stepmom Warrior Support Group 

If you’re interested in joining Stepmom Warrior Support Group (SWSG), email me at stepmomwarrior@gmail.com and let me know you’re interested in joining the SWSG.


We All Have Tribal Roots

If you go back in history, we all come from some sort of nomadic group that dared to migrate and populate the various parts of the world. 232 more words



Cagey: (adj) reluctant to give information owing to caution or suspicion.

Is it getting the “smart” out, or is it “out-smarting?”

Simply said, the goal of human beings should be to humbly impart what we experience to the tribe around us, to measure its merit and allow… 150 more words

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7 Reasons to Build a Tribe of Peer Coaches

In Monday’s post I suggested that one of best paths to professional growth is through partnering with another teacher. This has been true for me. I have partnered with many great teachers over the years. 566 more words

Aetas: The Early Inhabitants of the Philippines

The Aetas are one of the earliest inhabitants of the archipelagic, Philippines. Aetas are largely found in the mountainous regions of Luzon area. Aetas are considered “Negritos” who have uniquely dark browned skin with small physique stature, lightly colored kinky hair close to an afro hair, small nose, and dark brown eyes. 303 more words

Filipino Culture And Products

Girl chats

I have a standing coffee date with my soul sister every Wednesday afternoon. We are living parallel lives which is both freaky and very cool at the same time. 129 more words


My Interview On The Influence Tribe

Today is a special day, I am honored to share that I was featured on the The Influence Tribe podcast/show. The Influence Tribe interviews some of the most successful marketers on the planet and they asked me which is pretty cool, you gotta check out! 19 more words