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welcome to my tribe.

So, when I first got pregnant and people started referring to me as ‘momma bear’, I thought it was adorable. In my pre-baby euphoria I WANTED to be a real-life version of the billions of cute little teddies my daughter was already collecting from the womb. 437 more words

Mom And Baby

My Tribe, My Family, CattleWomen

At their last meeting the Texas Aggie CattleWomen were able to have Mrs. Jill Ginn come in and be a guest speaker.  This was a very exciting meeting for the girls as it was the last meeting they were able to have before the annual Spring meeting at the Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers convention (TSCRA).  597 more words

Texas CattleWomen

Helping Hands

Last fall we were gifted the time of the administrative assistant at the ranch to help us sort out some of mom’s paperwork and files. I don’t know what I would have done without this guardian angel. 183 more words


Finding My Tribe

They always say that we should expect the unexpected. Because more often than not, things don’t always go as planned…and for the better, of course. But they ever say how you feel about expecting the unexpected. 936 more words

Warm Plates

The kids and I spent some time today sitting in the kitchen, Grandma’s kitchen, and visiting while I folded laundry. I talked about how the room used to be set up when I was a kid and we would come over for a visit. 209 more words


What you're missing in the tribal Narrative.

Hello, During these cold seasons, I can’t think more of what kenya asks of us than to step up and protect it. I believe for us to know where we are going as a country, we must first understand where we have come from. 572 more words

Let's do that 81 more times

Today was another one of those days filled with joy and sadness. After having such a great day yesterday I woke up feeling fine ( 179 more words