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Which one of the tribes of Israel did God instruct to tare down and set up the tabernacle of testimony and move it when it was to be moved? 7 more words


The Law Of Averages

The Law of Averages: …”real theorem that a random variable will reflect its underlying probability over a very large sample.”

This theorem is used in many areas of life, some for good and some not so good. 323 more words


Joshua Chapter 18

Near the end of Joshua’s life, the Israelites had taken the land of Canaan from their enemies and the lots of inheritance were being divided among the tribes of Israel. 1,144 more words

The Old Testament

Joshua Chapter 17

This part of the book of Joshua, reviews the inheritances of the tribes of Israel.

The tribes of Joseph, which are Manasseh and Ephraim, are the line which were to receive a double-portion of the inheritance. 954 more words

The Old Testament

Who are the 144000?

Many readers of my blog will know that I believe we are currently (as in January 2015) living during the fifth seal of revelation. We are already in a period known as “The Great Tribulation”. 403 more words

Genesis 35:21 (The Thirteenth Tribe)

These are the names of the twelve sons of Jacob: Genesis 35:21

Read: Genesis 35:1-36:43, Matthew 12:1-21, Psalm 15:1-5, Proverbs 3:21-26

Relate: There’s twelve sons but there’s actually thirteen tribes of Israel. 658 more words

Daily Walk

For YOUR Deliverance, I await: Parshas Vayechi

This week’s Torah portion has the narrative of Yaakov’s blessings to his sons before his death.  Each one of the sons gets a unique blessing. Yaakov finishes the blessings and the verse says … 583 more words

Jewish Thought