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Humans live well in tribes. In tribal societies, the individual is less important than the tribe. There was a Guatemalan native woman, Rigoberta Menchu, who won the Pulitzer prize for her book about how the inhabitants of her village were massacred by the army. 306 more words

Civilization is Savage

“In speeches, Glied seemed to urge his audiences to embrace the qualities of empathy and independent-mindedness and to reject a world view that emphasizes superficial differences between people over their shared humanity.

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Ofi Tohbi

Ofi Tohbi the white dog who served as protector of the chickasaw people as they made they made their way to their new home. Kind of my interpretation of the story. 27 more words


The Paximani - Part 1

The sun was high in the heavens, the wind was low, and the plains verdant. It would probably have been a good day to lie in the sun and have her hair braided by her little sisters thought Allaynah. 1,614 more words


#onethingseries: Tribes, Optimal Performance, & Compassionate Leadership w/ Christine Comaford

Don’t miss this leadership interview with Christine Comaford. Christine’s coaching, consulting, and strategies have created hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue and company value for her clients. 516 more words

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Sex between children is natural in this tribe

We all know that age of consent varies depending on the country, but it surprised me that for the !Kung tribe, sexual activities between children is considered natural. 36 more words


Faces of Mexico

Photographs of people’s faces can be so evocative of travel; somehow you can capture the spirit and image of a place with a single shot of someone. 275 more words

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