How to get a FREE Breast Pump!

I breastfed Ava for 10 months and plan on breastfeeding my newborn. Initially, I wasn’t in a hurry to figure out how to obtain a new breast pump using my insurance, TRICARE. 454 more words


New TRICARE fees delayed, military health system would be reorganized under bill

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Broad changes could be coming to TRICARE and the military health system under legislation being drafted by the House Armed Services Committee, but active-duty personnel and current retirees wouldn’t see the immediate hits to their wallets that were proposed earlier this year in the Pentagon’s fiscal 2017 budget. 41 more words


TRICARE to Let Military Families Get Urgent Care without Preapproval

Some TRICARE users will soon be allowed to use in-network urgent care providers without receiving any authorization under a new TRICARE pilot program set to start May 23, according to policy documents released Tuesday. 59 more words


TRICARE Urgent Care Pilot Program Launches May 23rd

Maybe I’m just biased since I work in the Emergency Department, but I think that this program could be a game changer in many ways.  As of May 23rd TRICARE beneficiaries will be able to get urgent care twice per fiscal year from a provider other than their PCM without a referral from their PCM.   49 more words


TRICARE Retiree Dental Program

Do you see your dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups? If so, you have an excellent chance of keeping your teeth and gums healthy for a very long time. 104 more words


Will TRICARE become the major reform push this year?

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The original version of President Obama’s FY 2016 budget proposal included several changes to the military’s TRICARE healthcare system, which fueled uncertainty and worry in America’s career service member families. 35 more words