Proposed Fees for ER Visits?

Babies cannot tell time. They don’t know that they aren’t supposed to get ear infections after hours, or during peak call times. They don’t know that their scary fever cannot be accommodated by a filled-to-capacity PCM schedule. 692 more words


Sick and Tired: Military Kids Need Better Access to Same-Day Care at MTF

Recently, when a military spouse at our Association told me she had to take her baby to the emergency room when there were no appointments at their Military Treatment Facility (MTF), I thought my head was going to explode. 553 more words

Military Kids

Since When Does MTF Mean 'Might Take Forever?'

Did you know garlic is a powerful antibiotic?

I didn’t either, until I had lived in Germany on an Army post for a couple months. 718 more words

Military Kids

Tri-Care: A blessing and a curse.

As most of you know, Ahryon is in the Navy. With getting married to a Sailor, I was blessed (and cursed) with Tri-Care health insurance. First off, I want to say, I am very happy to have health insurance. 645 more words


Tricare Update

Josh and I are overwhelmed by the love and support we have received from people literally around the world.  From Michigan to England, the Carolinas to Italy, we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. 321 more words

A can of whoop ass

I saw a pro-war meme on facebook yesterday. It shows the inside of a US military aircraft fully loaded with troops- headed out to kick some ass. 264 more words