Product Differentiation

At first health insurance may seem like a fairly generic product, or group of products, that does not lend itself to differentiation among competitors.  However, there are several rare and valuable bases of product differentiation which aid in providing Humana’s competitive advantage.   559 more words


Pre-Retirement Seminar

The USAR Theater Support Group (Pacific) will host a Pre-Retirement Seminar. The seminar will focus on preparing Soldiers for retirement and addressing any issues currently experienced by Soldiers already retired. 95 more words
Pay & Benefits

Limited Options: in the wake of Obamacare

What are they trying to prove?

With this Obamacare groove?

We have limited choice

And limited voice

If worst comes to worst, we can move. 514 more words

Being A Doctor

Executor Responsibilities

As the executor of a person’s estate, you are responsible for winding up their affairs after they die. While this may sound simple enough, the job can be tedious, time consuming and difficult depending on the complexity of his financial and family situation.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

The resource-based view of the firm is a way to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of firms.  The view is based on the assumptions of resource heterogeneity and resource immobility; basically that resources are distinct and that some of them are either very costly to imitate or there is a limited supply of the resource.   468 more words

Affordable Care Act


TRICARE For Life is Medicare-wraparound coverage for TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A and B.

* Available worldwide:

* TRICARE pays after Medicare in the U.S. 107 more words

Pay & Benefits

Pentagon warns of Tricare mail scam

The Defense Health Agency is warning TRICARE beneficiaries of an elaborate mail scam designed to steal money from their banks.

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