Huge Changes for TRICARE

From the Military.com website

The National Defense Authorization Act (S 2943) signed into law Dec. 23 orders an avalanche of changes to the TRICARE healthcare benefit… 54 more words


How To Report TRICARE on Your Tax Return

Tax season is here, and people are wondering how to report TRICARE health coverage on a federal income tax return.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA), sometimes called Obamacare, requires that all Americans have qualifying health care coverage, called minimum essential coverage (MEC). 36 more words


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Taps Revisit There were a lot of you who visited the 2016 Taps Recall post – https://wp.me/p3639O-4Vv. We worked with these Guard members and there is a memory or two for the members you knew. 136 more words


TRICARE and Breast Pumps 101

One of the most frequently asked questions we see is “how do I get TRICARE to cover my breast pump?” Well, here is what you need to know. 304 more words

Metro Phoenix doctor indicted in $100 million Tricare fraud case


A Valley physician is among a dozen doctors, pharmacy owners and marketing pros accused of a kickback scheme that prosecutors allege involved a sham medical study used to bilk up to $102 million from the publicly-funded federal health program for military family members. 53 more words

TRICARE: Beware of Fraud

From the Military.com website

Fraudsters target TRICARE beneficiaries. For example, they conduct fake surveys to collect personal information. They call saying they know you have TRICARE and want to let you know you qualify for a free or low cost knee brace or walker. 68 more words


Tricare Changes Coming to Those Who Join After Next Year

TRICARE enrollment costs and use fees for currently serving troops and existing retirees escaped congressional reform efforts unchanged, according to the final draft of an annual defense bill unveiled Wednesday. 75 more words