TRICARE's Breastfeeding Policy: A New Mom's Experience

Recently, TRICARE implemented a new breastfeeding support policy including coverage for breast pumps. Our Association is generally pleased with this new policy because it gives families flexibility in terms of when, where, and how to purchase breast pumps and supplies. 472 more words

Military Kids

U.S. Targets Pharmacies Over Soaring Claims to Military Health Program -- kickbacks, fraudulent prescriptions, Tricare

Settlements sought for prescriptions written in cases where doctors never met patients


U.S. Attorney General for the Middle District of Florida A. Lee Bentley III, right, and current U.S. 1,184 more words

TRICARE Young Adult premiums to Increase

The TRICARE Health Plan has announced the 2016 premiums for TRICARE Young Adult Prime and Standard options covering beneficiaries between 23 and 26 years old. These premiums are adjusted on an annual basis and go into effect Jan. 219 more words

Department Of Defense

Tricare Covers Breast Pumps

As most of you may know by now Tricare decided to cover breast pumps and I could not be more excited.

As of July 1, 2015 Tricare started covering breast pumps by prescription and they will also be reimbursing parents who recently purchased a breast pump online or by store as long as you have a receipt. 547 more words


Product Differentiation

At first health insurance may seem like a fairly generic product, or group of products, that does not lend itself to differentiation among competitors.  However, there are several rare and valuable bases of product differentiation which aid in providing Humana’s competitive advantage.   559 more words


Pre-Retirement Seminar

The USAR Theater Support Group (Pacific) will host a Pre-Retirement Seminar. The seminar will focus on preparing Soldiers for retirement and addressing any issues currently experienced by Soldiers already retired. 95 more words
Pay & Benefits

Limited Options: in the wake of Obamacare

What are they trying to prove?

With this Obamacare groove?

We have limited choice

And limited voice

If worst comes to worst, we can move. 514 more words

Being A Doctor