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Tales from the Lodge

Each day a pang of guilt goes through me if I have not blogged. Nevertheless blogging is taking a back seat yet again as the demands of the refurbishment and the garden take precedence. 511 more words

Andrew Hardacre Photography

The American Grannom - BRACHYCENTRIDAE Brachycentrus sp.

Collection Location:  USA: TN: Polk County: Hiwassee River @ Reliance  (HRM 48.1) at 35.187725, -84.499894.

Collection Date/Collector:  20 March 2015  G. Williams.

Collection Method:  Light Trapping… 454 more words


The Early Smoky Wing Sedge - APATANIIDAE Apatania incerta

Collection Location:  USA: TN: Polk County: Hiwassee River @ Powerhouse Boat Ramp  (HRM 53.2) at 35.18198, -84.441002.

Collection Date/Collector:  13 March 2015  G. Williams.

Collection Method:   429 more words


The Little Brown Short-Horned Sedge - GLOSSOSOMATIDAE Glossosoma nigrior

I was somewhat surprised when this lone adult caddisfly showed up in my beat sheet sampling last weekend.  Aquatic insect emergence timing may occur differently in tailwaters as compared to free-flowing streams and could be linked to more favorable temperature degree growing days in a tailwater environment.  677 more words


Tenkara and Trichoptera

Tenkara and Trichoptera . . .

“The architect in the stream.”

One could make the case that bugs are in my blood. My paternal uncle, Bernard G. 287 more words


Species profile: Odontocerum albicorne

Odontocerum albicorne (Scopoli, 1763)

Odontocerum albicorne is the only member of the Family Odontoceridae found in Ireland, and indeed the sole representative of the family in Britain and Ireland. 326 more words


Species profile: Goera pilosa

Goera pilosa (Fabricius, 1775)

Goera pilosa is one of three members of the Family Goeridae, and the sole representative of the genus Goera, found in Ireland. 259 more words