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Moving from Ordinary Writing, to Extraordinary Writing

Everyone always says, “Write what you know.” Unfortunately, that always left me thinking that perhaps I wasn’t cut out for writing. Because the only thing I’m an expert at is writing. 606 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Are You Too Empathetic?

If you feel at times that you’re too empathetic–torn apart and unable to cope with other people’s suffering–help is at hand. Doing a compassion meditation every day for two weeks may just help you reduce the distress you feel when witnessing someone’s suffering. 22 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Interesting and Informative

Into the Land of Snows by Ellis Nelson

Summary: A troubled, sixteen-year-old Blake travels to Base Camp on Mt. Everest to spend time with his physician father. 294 more words

Tricia Sullivan

After-Death Experiences

Does consciousness reside in the brain, or is it something else? Is the soul, ka, spirit, psyche, or essence that is you a force that interacts with the physical body and provides the consciousness for the being that is you? 89 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Do You Know What I Mean?

Communicating with people today reminds me of the “Do You Know What I Mean?” game played on the “Whose Line is it Anyway?” TV show. 586 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Ascending Spiral Book Review

Ascending Spiral by Bob Rich

Summary: Dr. Pip Lipkin has lived for 12,000 years, incarnated many times as man, woman, and even as species beyond our world and senses. 409 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Bring Dying Into the Light

We need to stop being so afraid of death and dying that we can’t even talk to each other about it. Tip-toeing around the subject will not make it go away. 34 more words

Tricia Sullivan