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Book Mail - Occupy Me by Tricia Sullivan

Another beautiful and simple cover.

Thanks to Titan Books for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.

OCCUPY ME – Tricia Sullivan (out now!) 184 more words


Can You See It?

In her blog post (Close Your Eyes to See), author Tammy Bird, expresses how to put more feelings into your writing.

In her post, she explains how authors can more easily gain insight into a scene through visualization, and then express that insight in their writing. 9 more words


The Punster

A few puns to brighten up your day:

  1. The fattest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.
  2. 308 more words
Tricia Sullivan

Trending Now About Book Covers

This article gives interesting insights into the trends of book covers and book cover design. For more information, read: IS THIS THE BIGGEST BOOK COVER TREND OF THE YEAR?


Not Quite Up to the Hype

Meet Clara Andrews by Lacey London

Summary: Meet Clara Andrews… Your new best friend!

With a love of cocktails and wine, a fantastic job in the fashion industry and the world’s greatest best friends, Clara Andrews thought she had it all. 427 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Moving from Ordinary Writing, to Extraordinary Writing

Everyone always says, “Write what you know.” Unfortunately, that always left me thinking that perhaps I wasn’t cut out for writing. Because the only thing I’m an expert at is writing. 606 more words

Tricia Sullivan

Are You Too Empathetic?

If you feel at times that you’re too empathetic–torn apart and unable to cope with other people’s suffering–help is at hand. Doing a compassion meditation every day for two weeks may just help you reduce the distress you feel when witnessing someone’s suffering. 22 more words

Tricia Sullivan