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Tax Cuts And Other Things.. Bill Clinton Style...

I must admit that my life was good while Bill Clinton was in office. My 401k flourished and allowed me to retire early instead of looking for another job after being downsized by a Chinese company that bought our our division of business. 328 more words


Why Supply Side Economics Doesn’t Work

Much has been made of supply side economics, or what is known as “trickle down” economics. I’m not sure how top level economists got the idea that only considering a portion of economic theory was a good policy idea, but I will make an argument, using basic economic models learned in starting economic classes, why supply side focused economics does not work. 1,157 more words


Apple's Taxes

So Apple is suddenly held accountable for its financial dealings in Europe. Ireland was one giant tax haven for Apple as it is for a number of other wealthy American companies. 282 more words

The Symbolism in the Plagiarism

Memes/Photos Courtesy: Various via Bing search.

So, after three days of mud slinging, accusations, and embarrassing revelations, the plagiarism scandal is still alive and breathing.It seems no matter where you turn, someone in the Trump family is getting scrutinized for this. 769 more words


American Red Cross Spends 25% Of Haiti Donations On Internal Expenses, Builds Only Six Permanent Homes After The Disaster AnonHQ

On January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake measuring up to 7.0 moment magnitude struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti. Between 100,000 to 316,000 deaths were reported from the disaster. 36 more words


My Jams '84

My Jams posts always contain a whole lot of Black U.S. Southern Vernacular, coarse language, sexual references and adult situations.  Oh, and they are always long as hell so if you don’t feel like reading you might wanna press on!   3,084 more words