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Flaws of Trickle-Down Economics

This is the principle, largely trunked by the foundations of Reaganomics in the 1980s, that when the rich get richer, their financial prosperity and increasing spending power ‘trickles down’ the classes through larger investments and increased profits of businesses, on their account – allowing higher employment and higher wage rates across swathes of businesses that range in size and development. 1,136 more words


On Trickle Down Economics

We plutocrats need to get this trickle-down economics thing behind us, this idea that the better we do, the better everyone else will do. It’s not true.

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The Laffer Prediction; Laffer was sued for promoting a Ponzi scheme

There is a common misconception among a significant minority of Americans that former president Ronald Reagan was some kind of god who transformed the American economy from Hell in a Hand Basket to the New Utopia making everybody rich in the process. 858 more words


The Trickle-Down Theory of Economics

The Trickle-Down Theory: a massive failure that Ronald Reagan created – and it’s still the only plan Republicans have for America. As a result, the middle-class has been in decline for over 30 years. Thanks, GOP!


The Privileging of Growth in Planning Policy By Sarah Longlands (University of Glasgow)

‘I think its very hard on people who aren’t’ already part of the party if you like, and who aren’t’ going to get a slice of the pie and there’s an increasing number of people who aren’t part of that, even in Cambridge’ … 1,007 more words


Enough is enough - Why I think the Green Surge is happening

It’s spring conference season in the UK. A conference season with the added spice that we are only a couple of months away from a general election which appears to be the most open in living memory, if not of all time. 1,701 more words