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88. Ask Trump: Which Regulations?

Donald Trump has said it is urgent to abolish as many federal government regulations as possible (subject to certain limitations). This may sound OK to ordinary citizens, but if you study the details, you will quickly see why Trump is not more specific. 428 more words


Trump and Reagan

A couple of days ago I had an interesting debate hosted by France 24, on Trumponomics. Interesting because there was an overall agreement between me and Dan Mitchell from Cato Institute, even if from totally opposite points of view, on the fact that Trumponomics does not exist. 288 more words


The Lie of Supply Side

I graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor with honors in Economics in 1975, the year before Tim Kaine enrolled.  I majored in Economics for the same reason Tim Kaine did – Professor John Kuhlman.   1,048 more words

The "Little Guy" Loses Again

When I was a kid, I remember asking my dad why we were Democrats. My dad, a tough, hard-working Swede never minced words. “Because,” he said, “Republicans are for big business and Democrats are for the “Little Guy.”  I’ve never forgotten that and the fact is, that hasn’t changed.   1,447 more words


Trickle Down

Just some quick thoughts. I just finished reading “The New Jim Crow”. There is so much in there, so much to digest and process. So much to pass on. 164 more words

A comment on the trickle-down economics of Arthur Laffer, 2017 Trump edition

The FT writes about Laffer endorsing Trump’s policy of tax cuts for the rich:

Although tax rates in most countries rose throughout the 20th century, which was by far the best century in economic history, Mr Laffer is unbowed.

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Trickle Down

Supply side economics

Maximize home ownership

If they can’t  afford

Let them mortgage their own future 454 more words