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Election Economy

Incase you have not been following along with the Presidential race, for whatever your reason may be, there is big talk about what the next President will do in order to help our nations economy.   253 more words

Donald Trump

Is There Anything Left of the Republican Party?

9 November 2016, San Francisco

Now that the detestable Donald Trump has at last been slid off the speaker’s platform, we are free to wonder whether it will be possible for the Repubs to regain some semblance of normalcy and decency after eight years of blatant racism and hate. 970 more words

Political Trends

Trickle Down Credit Growth

This article has been written by Amrit K.N. Pradhan. Amrit is a student at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala.

  • Capitalism, 2008, Kuznets.
  • Bad banks, arcs – made…
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The Myth of Trickle Down Economics

Even before I became a business owner the concept of trickle down economics never made sense to me. The fact that Republicans have so successfully been able to push this concept decade after decade, well let’s just say I find it astonishing. 457 more words


First Presidential Debate 2016, Trump v. Clinton (part 1, question 1: Job Creation)

Breaking down the first presidential debate, September 26th, 2016, Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton:

The debate video and transcript, and my source for Trump and Hillary quotes is… 1,549 more words


What the Heck?

I had no intentions of watching last night’s debate. If heaven opened up and announced that God has his hand on Hillary Clinton, I’d know it was one of Satan’s many deceptions. 1,144 more words


Tax Cuts And Other Things.. Bill Clinton Style...

I must admit that my life was good while Bill Clinton was in office. My 401k flourished and allowed me to retire early instead of looking for another job after being downsized by a Chinese company that bought our our division of business. 328 more words