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"India’s lesson from the Greek tragedy”

The thoughts of Devinder Sharma (Ground Reality), published in a popular Indian news site, are summarised. To read the whole article go to APB Live. 461 more words


Trickle Down Economics

Found the most accurate description of the Trick Down Economics :D


Music Gatherings and Musings

its been a busy and musical few weeks here in Michigan. First was Thumbfest, with a few solid days of live music and camaraderie. The next two weekends saw many songwriters heading above the bridge to a writing retreat to hone their craft. 531 more words

Song Writing

Declaring "I am a Divider not a Uniter", Tom announces his candidacy for Democrat and Republican Presidential nominations

Tom appearing before an enthusiastic crowd in TomVille’s Freedom Lost Square declared that he will seek both the Democrat and Republican nominations for President.  Tipping his hand for the campaign to come, Tom declared that he is a virulent trickle down populist and will fund his campaign from the excess earnings of those few souls who got minimum wage increases. 67 more words

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Something I heard sparked a question

I re-heard this saying the other day : “a rising tide lifts all boats”
Quick Question: How about those of us who can’t afford the boat? 9 more words



It is easy to get caught up in the HOUSE OF CARDS that is QUANTITATIVE EASING. You have a right to know what our politicians are doing. 1,414 more words

If we killed the wealthy, trickle down would work better

I’ve never understood people who think it’s reasonable for CEOs and the like to make hundreds and thousands of times as much money as menial wage laborers. 218 more words