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Why trickle-down economics won’t eliminate poverty

When it comes to eliminating poverty, the degree to which the benefits of growth are shared can have a significant impact on outcomes. According to Martin Ravallion, the former head of research at the World Bank, as cited in The Economist, a 1% increase in incomes in the most unequal countries produces a mere 0.6% reduction in poverty; however in the most equal countries, it yields a 4.3% cut. 146 more words


Why trickle-down economics won’t eliminate poverty

Why doesn’t trickle down economics work? A study on inequality by Badr Jafar, founder of the Pearl Initiative and the chief executive of Crescent Enterprises… 994 more words


My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe

One of my most cherished fables is the story of Stone Soup.

Here is a condensed version reprinted from Wikipedia:

Some travellers come to a village, carrying nothing more than an empty cooking pot. 813 more words


Halloween Special: Republican Zombies Stalk A Cold War Bogeyman!

W.J. Astore

It’s Halloween, America, which perhaps explains the gruesome results of the latest Republican presidential debate.  I watched a sliver of them (terrifying!), and read as much as I could stand of the debate… 263 more words

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Halloween and the 'trickle down' of wealth lie

Yummy, Halloween is in town. Soon, the kids will be knocking on my door. I have a nice hand woven cane basket behind the door filled with well washed, snappy, juicy celery sticks. 276 more words

Gerard Oosterman

REAL RANT -- Fed Reserve Admits View of World was "flawed."

While I am not endorsing Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Party’s nominee for POTUS, this previous rant is too much on target to ignore and not much has gotten better since he made it. 13 more words

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