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Choosing between death or a new tax plan

I have a sad tax tale. Once upon a time I owned some Apple stock. I bought it cheap using some roll-over IRA money that I had when I changed jobs in the late 1980’s. 822 more words

Donald Trump

Someone Tell Republicans it is 2017, Not 1981 -- and Trump Ain't Reagan

❝ It’s not 1981 anymore. That’s the message of an editorial in the conservative Weekly Standard, which warns Republicans not to design a tax reform patterned on the one that Ronald Reagan signed in his first year as president.

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Wage Theft

Donald Trump wants to ease regulations on employers. They benefit employees but are a burden for companies. Their requirements include a minimum wage, workplace safety, equal pay, overtime compensation, and even tipping. 2,166 more words


She was ready to give up. The rest of the staff had long since left the office; she was sitting in near dark still trying to make words appear. 1,402 more words

Should Capital Gains Be Taxed The Same As Other Income?

Among those favoring lower tax rates for capital gains, a common argument is that investment income (at least at some point) was earned income upon which taxes were paid and that taxing the income from the investment of such funds is double taxation, punishing those who put their money to work. 363 more words

Looking forward?

There’s got to be more than this. Than getting by, than comfort – but no purpose. Than feeling formless guilt at not doing more to “save the world”, raise the group consciousness, fight the forces of evil that attempt to dehumanise us all – pick your worthy quest. 231 more words