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Supply side economics

Maximize home ownership

If they can’t  afford

Let them mortgage their own future 454 more words


Trumpanomics - Good for Ordinary Workers, or just more "Trickle Up"?

Liberals and centre right antagonists can’t go on blaming their imagined ‘deplorables’ of working class USA for Trump’s win, and neither can the Remain in EU lobby which lost. 2,383 more words

Dalai Lama: Find Meaning

Dalai Lama: Find Meaning

By Shlomo Maital

    The Dalai Lama is the 14th such Dalai Lama.  And he may be the last, according to his own words.  480 more words

Innovation Blog

How once-secret Los Alamos became a millionaire's enclave

Home to the scientists who built the nuclear bomb, the company town of Los Alamos, New Mexico is today one of the richest in the country – even as toxic waste threatens its residents and neighbouring Española struggles with poverty. 620 more words

Democrats have a death grip on the economy

Socialist economies are epic failures.  Leftists say capitalism only benefits the rich, but socialism benefits everyone.  No greater lie has ever been perpetrated on the ignorant. 1,952 more words

Election 2016

Ultimate Republican solution to bad economic news -- Don't report it!

Doonesbury by GB Trudeau

❝ “What’s measured, improves.”

So said management legend and author Peter F. Drucker about the value of using metrics to define specific objectives within an organization.

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Election Economy

Incase you have not been following along with the Presidential race, for whatever your reason may be, there is big talk about what the next President will do in order to help our nations economy.   253 more words

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