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Bobby Kasper: Raising wages starts at home

Unemployment is down. Corporate earnings are up. But for most hardworking Americans, wages aren’t going anywhere.

Congress and President Trump say their $1.5 trillion tax plan will shift wage growth out of neutral. 605 more words

Labor Voices

Niece gives table scraps to dog in best defense of trickle-down economics ever presented

Citing a lack of hunger and a love of the family pet, Madison six-year-old Ciara Simpson was found to have given Thanksgiving leftovers to her dog, a four-year-old labrador named Goober. 201 more words


Tricky trickle down

A more traditional expression of the tax cut/bonus/job loss situation.

Editorial Cartoons

The Love of a Good Liberal

I used to be able to avoid thinking about Conservatives. I occasionally thought about Republicans, but mostly I just ignored the whole batch of right-wing, addlepated, anti-everything-humane people. 1,400 more words


Trickle, trickle, fools we are, to trust the rich, now flush with cash, will share with us their bounty

The inlaid walnut table in the corporate boardroom held 12 on either side and two or three at each end, and the execs were all perched, prepped to pounce, when I dragged in my 2001 budget – 1015 pages of spreadsheet and other sheet. 584 more words


Making America Great??The Polls say something different!

Did you detect any irony with the sight of the representatives of the cash strapped US Government going cap in hand to the White House to cobble together a temporary cash relief fix – then a few days later, watching  some of the same politicians applaud President Donald Trump signing off the proposed reduction of 1.5 trillion dollars from the tax take.  3,130 more words

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Trickle-Down Policy | My Team Good your Team Bad

It is not uncommon for politicians to take credit for others efforts. Voters and supporters do this as well especially in the time after a change in leadership. 112 more words