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Walker's Devil is in the Budget's Detail

A budget says a lot about what your priorities are. And Governor Walker is certainly showing his hand.

The proposed cuts are infuriating because they are completely artificial, much like when Walker declared a budget emergency for Act 10 once his tax cuts had starved the state of revenue. 590 more words


Tax Increases Work

Would you risk your state’s economy and the health and welfare of its citizens on a theory that has never worked? Well, Oklahoma’s Governor and Legislature decided they would try… 396 more words

Oklahoma Politics

Say NO! to House Bill 386 - NH Taxpayers Cannot Pay Big Business' Bills!

As explained in the write-up from the New Hampshire advocacy group, Citizen’s Alliance, Republicans in the New Hampshire house have put forward a bill, HB 386… 1,583 more words

Economic Justice

The Corporate Unconscious

“No matter how large the corporation you are working for, it is always too small for even one human soul.” — David Whyte

For the purposes of this paper, we assert the view that a corporation exists as an institutional reflection of the human ego. 3,717 more words

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A thought-provoking piece about the state of corporate ideology, business, economics, environment, and the future of everyone.  It's a lot of words, so grab a beverage and get comfortable!  Reblogged from my friend The Reverend Andrew Mount, with thanks:

A lot of money runs through the Catholic church–funny how it never seems to trickle down.


Results of Trickle Down Economics

From 1949 to 1979, the vast majority of the American people experienced solid income gains during periods of economic growth. In 1980, Ronald Regan was elected president and the era of “trickle down” economics began. 20 more words