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What is happening in Australia?

David Marr has an interesting article at the Guardian talking about the depressing reality in Australian politics: the death of any real, let alone new, ideas: 74 more words

Malcolm Turnbull

Trickle down comes to OZ

Over at New Matilda Professor Carl Rhodes expands on the Liberal Government’s attempt to bring trickle down economic theory back to Australia with a vengeance: 149 more words

Malcolm Turnbull


With the revelation of The Panama Papers, it does not appear that the concept of ‘trickle down’ worldwide, is working very well.

Walt Trizna

If socialism is so great, why are people moving from blue California to red Texas?

A lot of young people seem to be really excited about socialism, and they want the United States to give it a try. They don’t know where socialism has been tried, and they don’t know what happens with it is tried. 879 more words



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