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Online Class Review: Turning Fiber into Yarn

This morning, I am heading to the farmer’s market for some of the best Cambodian food I have ever eaten. Yum. While I cannot provide smell or taste-o-vision here, I will be thinking of you all while I chow on some green Amok tofu. 650 more words


How to Catfish Someone

Disclaimer: try not to get arrested/killed because this IS ILLEGAL and this article is for informative purposes only
Alright, so there’s this guy in real life and you want some dirt on him, but there aren’t any rumors flying around or you can’t find stuff out without looking suspicious, I get it, we’ve all been there. 360 more words

Tips And Tricks

Tricking Out Panera

My time at Panera has been over for a while, but I’m here to share a few “secrets” about the menu and just other random things. 670 more words


Everyday Tricks

  • Better to hit https website, you can trust them
    but always check the url of the website you are browsing
    facebook and faceboook is different, don’t get caught in phishing attacks…
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Tricks And Tips

Everyday tech terms

  • Client

Your system who talks to remote system located anywhere

  • Server

A remote system to which any client can talk to, like google.com is the address of google server… 44 more words

Tricks And Tips

Everyday software's you should have

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

MS office or LibreOffice

pdf to word converter

Vlc media player

Gimp photoshop tool

any download manager IDM or jdownloader

Torrent client



Tricks And Tips

Everyday Windows Commands

To get help on any command type “help” or “commandName /?”

cd: change the current directory

Dir: to see the available files and directories in the current directory. 74 more words

Tricks And Tips