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Hide text in notepad using command prompt.

Security is a major threat now a days. There are number of softwares available online to hide/protect your passwords.But you can also hide your important passwords in notepad using command prompt.Yes, you can hide text in notepad using command prompt and no one can see your data by opening that text file.On opening that file it will look like a simple text file with no data or fake data which you want to show to peoples but in it, there is your hidden data and you can it back. 241 more words


Double Your Computer CPU speed for free.

Hey friends, today i am going to tell you how to double your cpu’s processing power by using method which you doesn’t even know is possible without overclocking your cpu. 760 more words


Create your own calculator in notepad.

There is already a calculator provided in your operating system but you can also make your own calculator by batch programming. Batch programming is the method of writing a program in text editorĀ which is saved with .bat extension and when this file is opened it works as program in of command prompt. 91 more words


Download any Youtube video directly.

There are many times when you are surfing videos on youtube and if suddenly you likes any video you want to download it. But there is no download button on youtube to save it to your computer in that case you should know any method to download that video from youtube. 163 more words


Top 10 essentials to take travelling that you haven't consisdered

When I was planning my trip, I looked over a myriad of different packlists, confused about whether to pack certain things that seemed like luxuries, or if I should play it safe and be prepared. 616 more words

How to block enemy facebook account.

Hello friendss,

You might have read my earlier post How to create ghost id on facebook . And in today’s post you will learn how to block enemy profile on facebook for 72 hrs. 119 more words

Tricks And Tips

A Simple Way To Download Entire YouTube Playlist

In YouTube, you often fall into situation where you need to download an entire playlist. Common playlist which people tends to download is some tutorial or some music collections. 618 more words

Tricks And Tips