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The Better Sweater Series #1: Sweater Evaluation

Well, hello there, weekenders! The first installment of The Better Sweater Series is up on YouTube! This series is meant to accompany our Re-Make-Along 2018, but it will also have advice, tips, tricks, and hacks that should be helpful to anyone working on pattern modifications or design! 38 more words


Compound Exercises You Can Do At Home

Compound exercises are exercises that involve multiple joints and therefore more than one muscle group.  These exercises burn more calories than isolation exercises (working 1 joint and 1 primary muscle), help with flexibility, stability, coordination and overall strength. 638 more words

Why You Can't Just Stop It

Want to quit smoking?  Have an issue with nail biting? Tired of saying “Um” too often when speaking?  Want to stop mindlessly scrolling facebook, yet cannot get away from it?  160 more words

Time for change

Today is a great day to make a change.

High Intensity Interval Training Brings the Afterburn

This month my friend Jodi will be sharing some weekly workout tips with us.  An avid runner and fitness enthusiast, Jodi will help us to crush those 2018 fitness goals! 315 more words

Time to get S.M.A.R.T.

The new year is upon us and a common trend is to create New Year’s Resolutions.  If you are like countless others, you begin the year with a full head of steam ready to take on the world, but easily get derailed, distracted and discouraged leaving the resolutions by the wayside.  392 more words