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Water does a body good?

A common side effect of chemotherapy is a change in your tastes.  Foods and beverages you may have loved may all of a sudden start to taste metallic.   239 more words

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DIY All Natural Bug Repellant

I love living in the Granite State, however, I do not love the plethora of ticks, mosquitoes and black flies that we seem to have.  There is nothing worse than being chased off of your deck by a swarm of mosquitoes.   100 more words

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Put Your Phones Away

True or False: spending time together as a couple while staring at your phones is still quality time together….

Dave and I say a resounding FALSE!   57 more words

Breast Cancer

Lashes for Days!

I apply lashes daily, yes that is right, daily.  You see, my former friend chemotherapy destroyed what lashes I had.  Lashes bring attention to the eye, the windows to your soul and with them I feel fabulous! 55 more words

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Finding your position

We are talking meditation – sorry if that title deceived you.

When I first started considering meditation I was under the impression that I would have to fold myself into a pretzel on the floor in order to participate.   133 more words

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Volunteer Together

Something that Dave and I try to do to strengthen our marriage and relationship is to spend time giving back to others.  We greatly enjoy volunteering together and we often include Mackenzie so that she too can see the joys of giving back.   65 more words

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